Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell Remote Code Execution Exploit

Anon666Exp3rt 1K 1st Sep, 2021

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Remote Exploits | This Metasploit module exploits a vulnerability on Microsoft Exchange Server that allows an attacker to bypass the authentication, impersonate an arbitrary user, and write an arbitrary file to achieve remote code execution. By taking advantage of this vulnerability, you can execute arbitrary commands on the remote Microsoft Exchange Server. This vulnerability affects Exchange 2013 CU23 versions before 15.0.1497.15, Exchange 2016 CU19 versions before 15.1.2176.12, Exchange 2016 CU20 versions before 15.1.2242.5, Exchange 2019 CU8 versions before 15.2.792.13, and Exchange 2019 CU9 versions before 15.2.858.9.

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