YouTube Userscript To Restore Dislike Counts

syndiate 8.2K 14th Nov, 2021

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A userscript to restore dislike counts on YouTube in response to them hiding dislike counts.

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  • anon97294 Avatar
    anon97294 - 7 months ago
    The dislike is still not showing when I have my YT revert comment teaser CSS style enabled (reverts newer YouTube style) Here is the CSS ~~~~~~~~~~ ytd-watch-metadata { display: none !important; } ytd-watch-flexy #info-contents, ytd-watch-flexy #meta-contents { display: block !important; } ~~~~~~~~~~ If you sign in to your account and enable this css style using something like stylus, your script only seems to change the new "comment teaser" style and not the old style. Mind fixing this?

    syndiate Avatar
    syndiate - 6 months ago

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