[22:00] V1591999247869717: how are you? [22:01] Jimmy has joined the conversation [22:01] Jimmy: That question has already been answered to your mom [22:01] V1591999247869717: oooh [22:01] V1591999247869717: nice one [22:02] Jimmy: She said the same when she first held my dick in her hand [22:02] V1591999247869717: I see [22:02] V1591999247869717: im sure your mother is a lovely woman too [22:03] Jimmy: We are talking about your mother here. [22:03] V1591999247869717: ok [22:03] V1591999247869717: does your mother know you scam people? [22:03] Jimmy: nope, [22:03] V1591999247869717: have you brought her anything nice recently? [22:03] V1591999247869717: flowers? [22:03] Jimmy: nope, not with money [22:03] Jimmy: this money* [22:04] V1591999247869717: you don't want this dirty money tarnishing your mother? [22:04] V1591999247869717: or do you feel guilt? [22:05] Jimmy: You a psychologist? stop asking shitty question [22:05] V1591999247869717: oh [22:05] V1591999247869717: sorry [22:05] Jimmy: Wanna hear a good news? [22:05] V1591999247869717: good work for keeping this going for roughly 2 years [22:05] V1591999247869717: sure ill hear it [22:05] Jimmy: the good news is that my dick is now a popsickle [22:06] V1591999247869717: interesting [22:06] Jimmy: what 2 years, [22:06] Jimmy: i have been here only 6 months [22:06] V1591999247869717: oh I meant the 'blogs' have been around since 2018 [22:06] V1591999247869717: are there people who have been here longer than you? [22:07] Jimmy: Yep. its a 5 years old [22:07] Jimmy: thats what they tell me [22:07] V1591999247869717: wow [22:07] V1591999247869717: do you get paid well? [22:07] Jimmy: Nope [22:07] Jimmy: i am just a chat executive [22:07] Jimmy: i dont scam [22:07] Jimmy: they do [22:08] V1591999247869717: right [22:08] V1591999247869717: what's stopping you from going to a more 'normal' line of work? [22:08] Jimmy: well i was about to already on march, then this lockdown left me no choice [22:08] Jimmy: do you have any thing to offer? [22:09] V1591999247869717: unfortunately I can't, sorry [22:09] V1591999247869717: I wish you the best in getting out of there though [22:09] V1591999247869717: and getting a better job with better pay [22:09] Jimmy: I sure as hell hope so [22:10] Jimmy: Noida [22:10] V1591999247869717: can you tell me roughly where you're located? like a country [22:10] Jimmy: India [22:11] V1591999247869717: ok - if you were to go to the authorities and report this place of work, do you recon you might be able to offer them some sort of deal where you hand over as much information as possible and in return they leave you alone? [22:12] V1591999247869717: this being after the lockdown ended [22:12] V1591999247869717: and you've secured a job [22:12] Jimmy: Police here are more corroupted than them Jews [22:12] Jimmy: Its of no use [22:12] V1591999247869717: right [22:12] Jimmy: i seen many paying them up and going free and doing the same work again [22:13] Jimmy: but before i leave [22:13] Jimmy: i will do something [22:13] V1591999247869717: can you tell me what it may be? [22:14] Jimmy: well i know some of the hackers, i will hand them some details and also few programs they want me to run on the office system [22:14] V1591999247869717: ok [22:14] Jimmy: they from UK' [22:14] V1591999247869717: have you heard of a guy called 'Jim Browning'? [22:14] Jimmy: Yes i know him [22:14] V1591999247869717: ah right [22:15] Jimmy: i watch all of his videos [22:15] V1591999247869717: wow nice dude [22:15] Jimmy: If you have his email? [22:15] V1591999247869717: yes I can give you his email, I hope you'd be able to give him as much 'inside info' as possible [22:15] Jimmy: Sure. [22:15] Jimmy: as soon as lockdown ends [22:16] Jimmy: and i set another good job that i dont regret doing, i will for sure. [22:17] V1591999247869717: I wish you all the best in doing so, can you give me a minute while I sort things out, then I can give you a way to contact him [22:17] Jimmy: Sure. [22:23] V1591999247869717: Sorry for the delay - jimbrowning@fastmail.fm [22:23] Jimmy: thanks [22:23] Jimmy: i will save it [22:24] V1591999247869717: I'll inform him so he knows what to expect [22:25] Jimmy: Alright. [22:26] Jimmy: I am not good for this job plus i dont wanna be here, [22:27] Jimmy: out of money i was and i just picked this job to survive, i gotta pay rent and all, [22:27] Jimmy: Now this corona hysteria is ruining it all [22:28] Jimmy: anyway nice talking to you