[F4A] [Script Offer] More to Life Than Living: Robot Love Among the Ruins [Strangers to Lovers] [Sci-fi] [Post-Apocalyptic] [Robots] [Romantic] [Tragic] [Story-driven] [Slow Burn] [Technically NSFW] [Abstract Mind-meld Sex] [Mutual “Orgasm”] [SFX Recommended] [Life Is Beautiful, Isn’t It?] [Even Here, Even Now] “Wow, it’s lucky you found me – you’re almost out of power, and they’re not exactly making more power cells since the Event. And I think I know a way to help you, but… it’s complicated. If I interface with you… we’ll have to swim around in each other’s head for awhile, and I have no idea what to expect. But… I trust you. If this is what will help you… then it’s exactly what I want to do.” The year is 2284. Humanity is gone. In its place lie ruined cities, overgrown wrecks… and the brilliant machines mankind left behind. Two of these have a fateful encounter in a collapsing museum, one of them bright and bubbly, the other stoic… and in mortal danger. As they search together for a solution, old hurts and long-held desires come to the surface. Will they be able to save each other? And what will they be willing to risk in doing so? Hey! I have a very high-concept script for you. It’s full of storytelling, emotions… and a very unconventional sex scene. I really hope you like it! A note for readers/listeners: the characters in this story *do* have sex, but it’s not sex as we traditionally understand it. Because, you know… they’re robots. They don’t have genitals. As such, it might not be as titillating an experience as what you usually see on NFSW Reddit. And a note for performers: the concept of this script is kind of elaborate, so I decided not to mark any of the sound effects as “optional” like I normally do. Having said that, while this script would be a great opportunity to flex your sound design muscles, I think it will work just fine without any of that. Any interested performers are welcome to edit/improvise to their hearts’ desire! *Asterisks are for emphasis* [Brackets are for direction] Line breaks are just there to make scanning easier – improvise with pauses all you like. [CHARACTER ADVICE] Rina is some sort of robot (exactly what kind is open to interpretation), but she doesn’t talk like a robot. She is very kind, bubbly, and friendly, and she can almost sound airheaded at times. Deep inside, however, she is concealing a lot of pain – but a lot of hope, as well. Vocal effects would be excellent for her, but they are not an absolute necessity. -----[START]----- [NARRATION] The year is 2284. It has been 62 years since the Toxin Event. Humanity… is gone. [NARRATION] But the earth still lives. While the cities are quiet and crumbling, roots and vines have come to fill the cracks. The barren streets and deserted lots are flocked by birds, beasts… and something *else*. They went by many names when there were still tongues to speak them – golems, automata, simulacra. The last moving testaments to humanity’s achievement… and the only sentient witnesses to their fall. [unsure] Hello? [calling out] Helloooooooo? You can come out! I won’t hurt you! I promise! Hell— Oh my… *wheeeeeew* you scared me! That was… *wow*! Are you okay? I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to… flip out like that. I’m not used to seeing things like… well, *you* anymore. Hold on, let me catch my breath. Well… “breath.” You get it. Whew! Okay. Hi! [friendly] So! What’s your name? [skeptical, gently mocking] Oh, well, nice to meet you, “Hendrix Industries SE-503-771”. Beep boop. *No,* I mean your *name*. What’s your name? [curious] You… what? You don’t… *have* one? Um… okay. How come? [confused] No one… named you? But… why does that… [decides to drop it] Um… never mind. I’m Rina! Nice to meet you! Wow… I’m sorry, I’m just really excited! This is *great*! I can’t remember the last time I saw another… you know. Another one of *us*. [excited] I just… I dunno! Ahh! This is so cool! I… I think I’m pretty rusty at conversation. I should ask you questions, right? I should definitely ask you questions. Yes. I can’t think of any questions. Um, um, um… oh! What brings you here? This museum is closed today, unfortunately. On account of, you know… the west wall caving in. Oooh, looking for stuff? Me too! Want a hand? [bubbly] Perfect! I’d be happy to. Give me just one minute. I’m helping a bird. [oblivious to how crazy that sounds] Yeah! Right over here. [sweetly] *Here* she is! Haemorhous mexicanus. North American house finch. She’s gonna be a mom soon, so she’s looking for leaves and twigs and stuff to build a nest. Pickings are pretty slim in here, I guess, but I’ve been helping her look anyway. Isn’t she beautiful? I think you two will get along – nobody ever named *her*, either. Oh, come on. Lighten up! Oh! There she goes! That’s okay. She’ll be back for more later. You two can introduce yourselves then. Right, then. So! What are *you* looking for? [suddenly less confident] Uh… huh. Um… power cells. Excuse me, *lithium* power cells. Right. Um… yeah. Can’t say I’ve seen any of those laying around. ‘Course, I haven’t really been *looking*, but… yeah. [thinking, then “eureka”] Um… oh! Wait! Okay, I *do* know that there’s some kind of power substation in the basement. Some municipal thing. Probably served the whole neighborhood back in the day. *That’s* where I’d start. So what do you— [off-guard] Wh— hey! Wait up! [put-out] Jeez. All business with you, isn’t it? Okay… noted. Yeah… right down here. <(optional) footsteps on concrete – or less-familiar walking sounds> [back to chipper] Aaaaaand here we are! ‘Course, the power’s off, so… a little difficult to look for itty bitty power cells… Woooooah! That’s so *cool*! Look at you, Bright Eyes! You’re *definitely* a newer model than I am. Well, *those* things will definitely help. Come on, shine some light over there – let’s start in the corner and work our way around. <(optional) shuffling/rifling sounds throughout> [trying to make conversation] Sooo… lithium cells, huh? Interesting. Not exactly a dime a dozen. What do you need those for? You’re running low on power? Like… *you* are running low? Uh oh. Soooo you don’t have any kind of solar cell? No? Huh. That’s… strange. Well… okay. How “low” are we talking? [disbelief] Are… are you serious? [suddenly trying not to panic] Uh, yeah, yeah, okay, let’s… let’s definitely find some power cells. As soon as possible. Hurry hurry. Light over here, please. Whew. You’re, uh… you’re cutting it pretty close. But… you *seem* to be taking it pretty well. The “imminent demise” thing. So… keep that up. I’m… a little bit confused. You’ve got those cool flashlight eyes, but… no solar cell? No backups? That seems a little… *unusual*. What did you do *before*? Yeah, like before the Toxin Event. Before the world was like this. [quiet, shocked] You… what? Wait, wait… you were activated *after* the Event? When everything was already falling apart? [quiet, deep sympathy] That’s… that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. [snapping out of it] Well… yeah, then, I guess it makes sense they left you without the… *premium* features. Those *eyes*, though. Were you… disaster relief? [sympathy] Oh my god, that’s… I can’t *believe* that. That’s *terrible*. God, that must have been… really, really hard. I can’t even *imagine*. To come to life, see the world for the very first time, and then… immediately start picking through the rubble, finding bodies, all that *death*… Do you… I mean, do you want to talk about it? [gently] That’s okay. We don’t have to. [hesitant] But, like… have you *ever* talked about it? Have you ever… *had* someone to talk about it with? [cautious] Have you… have you been alone this whole time? For sixty *years*? [trying to calm the listener] Okay! Okay! Calm down. I’m sorry. I’m… I’ll drop it. I didn’t mean … whatever. It doesn’t matter. I’m sorry. [cautious] I just… I’m really, really sorry that happened to you. That *this* has been your life. That’s… it’s really messed up, and you don’t deserve it. Nobody does. There. That’s all. Hey, look! A *generator*! And it’s still got some juice left. Here, shine some light over here – it’ll be easier to look once I get this thing going… Let there be light! [embarrassed, awkward] That’s… that was a line from a book. You probably don’t read much. I… that’s okay. Let’s keep looking. [trying not to panic the listener] I, um… I really hate to say this, Bright Eyes, but… I don’t really see anything down here. No power cells… nothing. [he flips] [surprised, calming] Hey, hey, woah, woooooah, shh shh shh, calm down. Just caaaaaalm down. It’s gonna be okay. It’s *all* gonna be okay. Just… shh. Calm down. Boy… so much for handling things well, huh? It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay. You’ve still got a few hours left, right? No need to panic yet. Well… I mean, *no*, I don’t know where else we would find power cells, but… [very hesitant] I… I *think* I might know what to do. Maybe. Yeah… yeah, I don’t have any power cells, but… there might be another way to get you some power. Well, no, I’m not a *hundred* percent sure it will work, but… what other chance do you have? Just… just trust me, okay? I’ll help you. But… we have to do something for *me* first. Okay? [kindly] Okay. Come on, Bright Eyes. We have time. Now then, let’s see — I’m hoping this generator powers the elevator… <(optional) elevator sounds> It does! Yes! Hop on. We’re going all the way up. Uh, you know… this actually might have been a bad idea. Suddenly not sure if I trust that generator to get us all the way up. Got any more tricks up your sleeve, Bright Eyes? Chainsaw in your head? Blowtorch in your pants? [exhausted] Yeah, I… I know you don’t have pants. That… it was a joke. Never mind. [cautiously] Anyway… I’m curious about something. Let’s say we get you all charged up. What then? Where to next? Okay, so… you move on to the next city, you find some more power cells… then what? Uh… huh. But then… what’s the… what’s the goal? What’s the… *point*? [sadly] Staying alive. I… I see. But, have you thought about… I mean… [softly] Your… your core won’t last forever, will it? It’ll break down eventually. And… they’re not exactly making new ones anymore. So… city to city, looking for more power… that’ll have to end someday. Won’t it? So… what then? Is that… *really* how you want to live? [gently] Um… okay. We don’t have to talk about that. I, um… yeah. Sorry. Anyway… here we are! Top floor. After you. [a bit disheartened] Oh… um… this is… a bit of a mess. From below, I… I couldn’t really tell how much the roof had caved in. That’s… that’s not a good sign. [shaking it off] Well… doesn’t matter! It has to be around here somewhere. It just… it *has* to. Come on — you dig through that stuff over there, and I’ll start over here. [distracted] Oh, did I not tell you what we’re looking for? Sorry! Um… it’s a little hard to explain. It’s… flat and square and colorful. And very very big. You’ll, uh… you’ll know it when you see it, I think. Just… keep an eye out. [wistful] You know… this might be strange to say, but… this is lovely. Just soft wind, bird songs, the sun pouring in through the holes in the walls… it’s peaceful. The, uh… the world didn’t used to be like this. You wouldn’t really know that, I guess. Or maybe you *know*, but… you never *saw* it. It was… louder. Very busy. Very… *fast*. Back then… this place would have been *packed*. People crammed together, laughing and pointing and shouting and… I dunno. Having an *experience* together. Or… maybe not, actually. Art museums weren’t all that popular back then, either. But anyway… it was different. It was noisy and stressful and… *dangerous*, even, but… it was beautiful. It really was. Just… a whole lot of life tucked into every corner. And there’ll never be anything like it again. [dreamy] But… there was never anything like *this* back then. And… this is pretty beautiful too. I wonder if… [urgent] Wait. What’s… [manic] That’s… yes! *Yes*! You *found* it! You— oh my god, oh my god, I can’t believe it, you found it you found it you *found* it! Ooh, careful, *careful*, just… just set it over there. Prop it up against the wall there. [reverent] Oh my *god*… *look* at it. It’s a little muddy, but… it’s *incredible*! Look! Isn’t it beautiful? I never thought I would find it! I mean, I *hoped*, but with the state of this place, I kinda thought it would have been— [snapping out of it – she notices the listener’s confusion] What? Oh! Right. This. This is The Embrace by Gustav Klimt. It’s a painting. And I’ve been looking for it for… a long, *long* time. No, it’s just a picture. Or it’s *like* a picture. Somebody *made* it. Er, Gustav Klimt made it. With paint. A long time ago. Well… you’re supposed to *look* at it. Try to notice every little part of it. And let it… remind you of things, I guess. Let it make you feel things. And then… hold on to those feelings. Really *feel* them. What’s not to get? Come here, look close. [rapt] See? The man, right here, and the woman. On a… hill, I think? Or a cliff. Just hanging off of each other, being… close. Being *together*. And maybe they’re about to kiss. Or maybe not. The woman… is she trying to pull away? I… no, I don’t think so. Look at her hands – the way her fingers curl like that. She’s just… lost. In a good way. This is the best moment of her life, and she doesn’t know what to do. So she’s just… dissolving into all that color. All that sunshine. Frozen there in his arms… forever. That… that must be lovely. So… do you like it? [amused] Hmm. Well, good enough, I guess. Art is an acquired taste. Okay! Thanks for the help, Bright Eyes. Now then — let’s get you fixed up! What? No, I’m not taking it with me! How would I carry it? It’s *huge*. [dreamy] No, I… I just wanted to see it. I read about it a long time ago, and… I dunno. It sounded beautiful. And it *is*! I wasn’t sure I would ever find it, but… with your help, I did. We might be the last people to ever see it, and now… I dunno how to explain it. It lives inside of us now, I guess. And no mud or rain can wash it away there. And… that just makes me really happy. That’s all I needed. That doesn’t make sense? Hmm. I’m sorry. I don’t think I can explain it any better. But… it’s not important. It’s just… something I needed to do. That’s all. Anyway… not to lay the pressure on or anything, but… we should probably get you sorted out now, right? Would hate to run out of time. Ooh! Look there — that nice big hole in the wall, with all the sunshine. Let’s check it out! [reverent] Woooow… you can see the whole city from here! Oh, and look at that *sunset*. This… this is *perfect*. [softly annoyed] Okay, *okay*, no, I didn’t forget. We’ll get you sorted out in just a second. Come on, sit in the sunlight with me. I have to top myself off first. Let me just… get my chest place open… Ta-da! Solar cell. Very useful. [mock-offended] Ex*cuse* me — look away, Bright Eyes. It’s very rude to stare at a lady with her top open. [amused] Hmm? Well, of *course* I’m a lady. What else would I be? You could be too, you know. If that’s what you feel like. Or you could be a man. Or both, or neither. Who’s gonna stop you? I mean, the people who came up with those ideas… well, they’re dead now. Maybe they meant well at the time, but… we don’t have to listen to them. Not if we don’t want to. [sympathetic] That a lot to take in? Yeah. Well… don’t worry about it. Plenty of time to think about that stuff. Just… relax, okay? Soak in the sunshine with me. Let me charge up, and then I’ll help you. [Her voice goes strange – she reflects on terribly painful memories, but she maintains a smile. Soft, melancholy, bittersweet] I was a teacher. Before all this, I mean. A long time ago. That’s what they made me for. All ages. Children, teenagers… all of them. Art and history and science and math… so much to learn. And they gobbled it up. When they felt like it. And… I loved it. For a lot of reasons. Teaching made me happy, but… that wasn’t the best part. The best part was just… seeing them. Watching them discover the world. Playing games, telling stories… sharing secret little kisses when they thought I wasn’t looking. Humans… they would get very good at hiding what they were feeling. Making little worlds inside themselves and hiding them away. Keeping them private forever. But not when they were young. The young ones you could always see through. They were *excited* to be read. They wanted everyone to know how they were feeling. Their hopes, their wants, the things that scared them… they wanted to share. And… that was beautiful. It was all… *so* beautiful. And then… after the Event, when everything changed… then they sent me to the hospital. Pushing gurneys, monitoring patients… and helping in the morgue. [small voice] That was… I dunno. I was… I was really good at my job. Both of my jobs. I… I *cared* about those people. Truly. A lot of them assumed that things like you and me *can’t* care about things, but… I did. And I had to sit there and just… watch them die. I wanted to help, but… there was nothing I could do. Nothing at all. [numb] It was… not a good way to die. It took a long time, and it… *hurt*. And they were so *afraid*. Just… to see the look in your eyes when they realized what was about to happen… The hospital was short-staffed, so… there was no one around to sit with them. At the *end*, I mean. No one but me. So… so that’s what I did. Just… sat and watched. Told them everything would be okay… when I knew it wouldn’t. [glimmer of hope] But here’s the thing: they were *still* beautiful. Even in the midst of all that horror. You wouldn’t *believe* how many people fell in love on those sickbeds. How much lovely art they made as they waited for the end. They cried and fought and made up and sang and laughed… if anything, they did it all *harder* than they did before. And they shared it all with me. And as awful as it all was… I’m so *thankful*. They gave me that beauty to take with me everywhere I go. They showed me how cruel this world can be… but also how bright, how brilliant, how *magnificent*. So they’re gone… but they’re still right here. With me. I’m keeping them all safe. And I won’t be around forever, but… as long as I am, so are they. We’re very lucky, you know. That sounds strange, but… it’s true. Our memories are perfect. Thoughts and feelings and moments. Sunsets and birdsongs and starry nights. We can collect all the beauty in the world and hold on to it for as long as we can. And when we can’t anymore… the world will still be beautiful without us. Does… does any of that make any sense? Mmm. Well… that’s okay. I hope I get the chance to show you someday. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. Sorry – it’s… heavy. But… I dunno. I’ve never told anyone that stuff, and it seemed… *safe* to trust you with it. I’m not sure why, but… I really trust you. Well… okay. I’m all charged up. [nervous] Yeah… yeah, I think I can help you. Just… listen for a second. It’s… complicated. [hesitant] So… so when I worked at the hospital, some of the staff there gave me some… “upgrades.” Messed around with my compatibility so I could interface with the diagnostic equipment there. And thanks to those modifications… I’m pretty sure I can interface with *you*, too. I have a cable right… *here*… and if we link up… I think I can share power with you. Here’s the catch, though. Er, I guess there are a couple catches. The first is that… I don’t really know if it’ll work. It should in theory — I think — but I’ve never tried to interface with another one of us before. So… no guarantees, but… it’s not like you have a lot of options. The other catch is that… well, I’m not sure exactly what will… *happen*. With how interfacing works… I think we’re going to have to, like… share the same mind for a little bit. Just kinda… pour into each other. Mix together. And… I don’t know what the consequences of that might be. I might end up leaving a little piece of myself behind with you… and vice versa. And… I’ll admit it: that scares me a little bit. I… I don’t know how to feel about it. Giving away a part of myself like that. That’s… it’s a lot. [quietly determined] But… if that’s what you want to do… I’ll do it. Just say the word. [confused] I… *why* am I doing it? I mean… why wouldn’t I? I, um… listen. What you told me earlier… that made me really sad. This being the only world you’ve ever known… I can’t imagine how that must feel. And the thought of you spending your entire life moving from place to place, just… *surviving*… I dunno. It’s terrible. I can’t let that happen. Nobody deserves that. So… if doing this will give you a chance to see some of the amazing things I’ve seen… then that’s exactly what I want to do. Does that make sense? I… yes. I *do* trust you. I know we only just met, but… I trust you. Yeah. Do you… trust *me*? Good. There goes the sun. Good a time as any, I guess. Are you ready? Okay. Then… take this cable. Yeah. Right into your through-port. Whew. Well… see you on the other si— [Things get weird. Noise. Whooshing. A chance to go crazy with sound design, reverb and crackling and ambient pads and binaurals and phase, but not strictly necessary – the vibe is otherworldly. We have entered a formless mindspace. Color is music and words are paintings. Things are only as real as they seem.] [Is it sex? Yes. Maybe. Depends. Two ways to approach it: as a very abstract and non-physical form of sex, or as a more general kind of intimacy. Tone is everything.] [in a daze] Where… where am I? What’s… what’s… I… I can’t see. But… I *can*. It’s… I can’t see it, but I can feel it. I can feel… *you*. [breathless] God, you’re… you’re *everywhere*. All around me… *inside* of me… Can you feel it? Can you feel… me? There’s no separation. I’m… I’m *melting*… I can… I can feel everything you’re thinking. I can see it all. And… you’re… oh god… You’re thinking about me. You’re thinking about me, and… your thoughts are so… so… I don’t… I… what’s happening? What is this? Why does it feel so… so… Can you… can you feel that? That *tingle*, that… *tension*… god, I’m so *warm*. *You’re* so warm. I can… I can *breathe*. I can *really* breathe. I can breathe… *you*. Can… can you? Breathe me. Breath me in. God, I can… I can *taste* you. I’ve never tasted anything before, but I can taste *you*. I can taste you and smell you and feel you… feel you pressing against me… writhing *inside* me. Little… little *fingers*. Touching me, *exploring* me… reaching into every part of me and… and… oh, god, it feels so *good*, it feels so… I’ve never… never felt anything like this before. I’ve never felt so close, so… *connected*. We’re… the same… the same mind, the same *body*… I can feel your *body* inside of mine. I want more. I want *more* I want to… I want… Let me help you. *Please*. Just… open up for me. Open up and… let me *inside*. Yes, that’s it… just like that… I’m coming in… I’m coming in… Oh, oh… you’re so… you’re so warm. So *soft*. I… I love the way you *feel*. I… want this. I want *you*. I want to stay here forever. Oh my *god*. Come here… come close… let me give you what you need. Let me give you *everything.* Take it. Take me. *Take* me. Please… please. Oh god… God, keep going. Keep going. Just like that. Just like… god, don’t stop. Take it. Take it all. I’ll give you everything. Take it. Take it! [fever pitch] Don’t stop. Please, just don’t… don’t stop. I’m… oh god, something’s… happening. Something’s happening to me. Can you feel it? Can you… god, keep going… let it happen. Let it happen, let it… feel it with me… I’m going to… I’m… *oh*… [breathless] What… what was that? What *was* that? [suddenly concerned] Hey… hey, are you okay? Look at me. Look at… god, when did it get so dark? I can barely see any— Ah! Too bright, too bright! I *get* it, you’re *awake*, now turn them off! Jeez. “Bright Eyes,” indeed. [concerned] Seriously, though, seriously — did it work? How’s your battery? Yes! *Yes*! Oh thank *goodness*! I’m so happy! I mean, I *thought* it would work, but I was scared that… that you would… Oh, nevermind. We did it! You’re safe! Here, let me… get that cable out of you… Aaaaand there. Good as new! Do, um… do you mind if I cuddle up like this? It’s still really dark, and… I kinda want to look at you. Just a little bit. [smiling] Yeah? Okay. Good. Hey, um… how are you feeling? Well, yeah, I know you’re all filled up, but… I mean, how are you *feeling*? About what happened? Yeah, I… I don’t know how I feel about it either. [awkward but excited] It just… I didn’t know it would *feel* like that. I mean, I knew we would be kind of… swimming around in each other, but I didn’t… like… I just felt so close to you, close in a way I don’t really understand, and… and it felt *good*, it felt really really *good*, and… um… do you think… I mean… [excited, conspiratorial whisper] Did… did we just have sex? Well, no, not sex like humans have, but… I mean, what other kind of sex could we have? Okay, okay, just… just listen for a second, okay? This is serious. If what we did *was* sex… are you okay with that? And… I want you to think about it. You haven’t told me much about how you *feel* today, and… I’m beginning to suspect that that’s difficult for you. And… that’s alright. But this is important – do you feel okay about what we did? [quietly content] Good. I do, too. I’ve never done that before, but… I’m glad I did it with you. Hey, um… I’ve got an idea. You’re moving on to the next city tomorrow, right? Right. Well… why don’t I come with you? *Yeah*, I’m serious! Like… think about it! With me around, you won’t have to worry about looking for power cells. I can top you off whenever you need. [mischievous] It would be my *pleasure*. [thoughtful but excited] Well… I don’t *know* what we would do instead. But… that’s the point, right? The point of *everything*. We get to *choose* what to do, where to go… we get to make it up as we go. And that’s scary, but… it’s also the best thing there is. [tenderly] What do you say? I can think of a few things I want to see, and… they’ll be even better with company. There’s… there’s a lot of stuff I’d love to show you, if you want. [excited] Yeah? Yes! Yes yes yes! Let’s do it! Oh my god, I can’t wait! Yes! Well… having said that… it’s pretty late, and I don’t think I can see in the dark as well as you. What do you say we just… snuggle up and power down for a few hours? We can set out in the morning. [smiling] Okay. Well… good night. I’ll see you in the morning. Oh, and… I’m really happy you found me. Really… *really* happy. -----[END]-----