Edward grinned as he looked over his tied up captive, strapped to the table naked. Her wings were restrained as well, unable to move as he looked over the form of Rikka. "It seems I caught you, you overly proud, two faced angel. And no one knows where you are, I made sure of that." Rikka glared at Edward from her position on the table. As much as she hated to admit it, she was completely caught. All of her limbs, wings included, where strapped down to the table. And she was stripped like this was some kind of perverted science experiment. Edward simply placed a hand on one of her breasts and squeezed. "The only impressive thing about you is your body. It's no wonder you're willing to whore yourself out for attention, even from your sister." He moved away from the angel and picked up a syringe, filled with a strange, pinkish liquid. "I bet you're wondering what this is. Let's test your genre savvyness." Edward injected the syringe into Rikka's arm. Rikka was able to ignore him groping her but when he pulled out the syringe her eyes widned, especially once he injected it into her arm. Rikka winced from the small jab. "B-Bastard what the hell was that?!" Rikka demanded though a part of her was scared that she already knew the answer. "Tell me, are you familiar with the works of Lillith-soft?" Edward asked, placing the syringe away. "One of their works showed an interesting solution, made to affect kunoichi. You'd be surprised what you can get on the black market with the right price. Even then, it took a while to make one that affects angels." "Wh-What?" Rikka asked as she realized what she had feared it was is true. The drug certainly was fast acting as it only took moments for it to start to take affect. Slowly her body started to get warmer and warmer till her entire body felt hot. Rikka clenched her hands to try and not let it show. Edward propped up a chair and sat down. "Obviously, your breast was the only thing I touched. I'll respect your place unless you ask me for sex. It's simple enough, I assume." He grinned, knowing that the aphrodisiac was already affecting Rikka. Now it was just a matter of waiting until the angel begs for it. Rikka glared at Edward, the bastard wanted her to beg for him. Despite all of Rikka's mental strength the aphrodisiac was not only strong but fast acting. The angel shuddered the heat now focused on her breasts, pussy and ass. She wanted to relieve herself but with her limbs spread eagle on this table there was nothing she could do but try to fight it. Edward simply pulled out a book and began reading. In the position he was sitting, she wouldn't be able to see what he was reading, meaning she had no way to distract herself from the aphrodisiac. Not that it would let her get distracted, already affecting her with great speed and relentlessly attacking her. Rikka bit her lip as she shut her eyes tight. Her whole body is quivering, begging for something to be done to it. Yet Rikka refused to give Edward the satisfaction of making her beg. It was actually impressive that it took an hour and a half, as even the most battle hardened kunoichi tend to last an hour, before Rikka finally spoke up. "Please..." She said unable to fight it anymore. Edward closed the book and looked at the time. An hour and a half was impressive in a way, but not impressive enough. "I'm sorry. I didn't hear you correctly. What was it that you just said?" "Please...fuck me..." Rikka said her eyes seemed to have glazed over. All she could think about is relieving this heat in her body. All other thoughts in her head had vanished by now, leaving her quivering on the table, waiting for something, anything to take her. Regardless of what Rikka originally thought, he didn't need to wait for her to beg. The expression Rikka was now showing was more than enough for his satisfaction. "Okay." Taking out a remote control and pressing a button on it, he unzipped his pants, exposing his erect dick. The table was made so he could access her pussy easily, then shoved his length inside hard. The moment Edward entered her, a shock went through Rikka's entire body. It was simply like nothing she had ever experienced before. The aphrodisiac had made her body more sensitive and with how long she had fought it made it even more effective. The angel arched her back as much as she could and her eyes nearly rolled up just from that one simple act. Edward grinned, enjoying Rikka's expression as he penetrated her pussy. He then suddenly began to thrust into her, hard and rough. With the angel under the aphrodisiac's effect, it would amplify his own pounding into her pussy, enveloping her in a constant wave of pleasure. "Aaaah!" Rikka cried out happily. She didn't care how rough Edward thrusted into her as it all felt the same and it was more than enough for her. Rikka wasn't able to think anymore as she was entirly focused on the pleasure she was getting from every thrust Edward pushed into her. "Not so much the image of a proud, graceful angel, are you?" Edward taunted as he kept fucking Rikka's pussy, her cry of joy filling the room. "No, now you're just a cock hungry whore, begging to be a cum dumpster." The only response Edward would get were Rikka's moans and cries of pleasure. No, Rikka was just incapable of speaking at the moment. She coudln't move as she wanted as she was still bound to the table but she fought it. Instead of trying to get free but to move with the fucking Edward was giving her.