[F4M] Mommy Wants To Fill You In The Shower [gentle fdom] [mommydom] [a long steamy shower] [hot water] [just relax] [reacharound] [kissing your neck] [teasing] [handjob] [LOTS of lube][prostate play] [squeezing your ass] [sensual pegging] [spanking] [cumming twice] [good boy] ****************** Disclaimer: I write scripts for fun and the views of the characters do not necessarily represent my own. All of the characters in my scripts are always 18+. Use of script: Please feel free to use this script for audio recording or for other purposes. Also feel free to edit the script, to make changes to it or to leave out sections of it. Feedback is of course always appreciated. Note to reader/performer: [Words within brackets denotes tone of the character/actions/sounds/events/change of scene etc.] *Asterisks marks words to be emphasised* Synopsis: What could be better than a long steamy shower.. What about a long steamy shower together with your sweet mommydom and her pink little strap-on? *******SCRIPT STARTS******* [Mommydom and her sub is having a moment in the shower] Oh this is just perfect, isn´t it.. Just you and me, sweetie.. Just you and me in the shower like this.. Spending some quality time together.. Just enjoying ourselves for a moment.. Oh this is simple perfection, sweetie.. This *warm water* pouring over our bodies.. The soothing sound of droplets hitting the floor beneath us.. The smell of butterscotch body cream as I massage it into your skin.. Mhm.. Taking a little break like this.. Just you and me Enjoying ourselves like this.. Allowing ourselves to have a *long* steamy shower together.. A little escape from reality.. Just *mommy* and her good boy kissing under the water beam.. [kiss] Oh this is just perfect, honey.. *Everything* is just perfect.. The temperature of the water.. The feeling of your skin against mine.. This is just wonderful.. Having my good boy butt ***** like this.. With your body all wet and slippery for me.. So ready to be *teased* and played with.. Oh sweetie.. Mommy just wants to touch your body right now.. I just want to rub you all over that sexy body of yours.. Those perfect pecs.. Those *sensitive* little nipples.. That *sweet* firm ass of yours.. I could just bite that ass, honey.. I could just *dig my teeth* into that *perfect* butt of yours.. I could just *squeeze it* all day, baby.. That’s how ******* perfect it is.. So just let me feel it, honey.. Just let me *grab a handful* and *squeeze it* like it´s my personal property.. Mhm.. Oh mommy *loves* it, sweetie.. Mommy just *loves* how perfectly shaped it is.. This *firm* little booty of yours.. My sweet boy’s *sweet* little ass.. [kiss] Oh you are making mommy *so* turned on right now.. Being all *wet* and ***** for me like this.. I can´t contain myself.. I just need your body, baby.. I just need it right now.. I just need to play with you.. Just like you deserve to be played with.. So just feel my arms wrapping around you.. Just feel my boobs pressed against your back as I.. As I hold you tightly against me.. [soft sensual inhalation] Oh honey.. Just relax for mommy.. Nothing else in the world matters right now.. Only your beautiful body.. Your perfect body pressed against mine.. As I hold you in my arms like this.. Making sure that you know that you are all mine.. As I hold you in my embrace like this.. As I spoil your neck with *gentle* little kisses.. [kiss] Oh I´ve been waiting *all day* for this and now you´re finally here with me.. So just let me take charge, baby.. Just relax for me as I.. [kiss] As I *hold you* like the *good* ******* boy that you are.. [kiss] As I let my soft little hands slide all over your body.. [kiss] Over your belly.. [kiss] Over your thighs.. [kiss] Just gently squeezing those muscular legs of yours.. [kiss] Oh this is lovely, sweetie.. You are being such a good boy for me.. Just breathe and relax, okay.. There is no where else in the world that you need to be right now.. [kiss] So just be here with me.. Just be here in this moment.. [kiss] Just feel my hands *moving* around your ****.. All around that sensitive area.. From your knees.. Up to your *cute* little belly button.. [kiss] As you *squirm* like a good ******* boy for me.. Mhm.. Give in to the pleasure, honey.. Let that **** grow nice and hard for me.. Let it *rise up* like a shining sun for mommy.. Let me see that *perfect* **** in its full pride.. Let me see it grow *so hard* that it just *stands* straight up for mommy.. Mhm.. Good boy.. There you go, honey.. Nice and erect for me.. Now.. Just let me grab this bottle of lube.. [sound of bottle being opened] And get my hands all *nice* and slippery for you.. [squirting lube into her hands] There we go.. Just let me squirt *everything* out of this bottle.. Just to be *absolutely sure* that there will be no friction *whatsoever* as I put my *soft little hands* on that aching **** of yours.. Mhm.. Just feel my slippery hands gripping that throbbing ****.. As I lube it up for you.. As I start stroking it *up and down*.. Working the whole length of it.. *Every single inch* of that perfect ****.. Yes.. Good boy.. Stay nice and hard for mommy.. As I slide one of my hands back to that perfect ass of yours.. Just to grab a handful.. Just to give it some *slow* sensual squeezes.. Mhm.. This ass is all mine, sweetie.. Do you understand that.. This sexy ass of yours *is all mine*.. So just listen now, sweetie.. I want you to take your hands and put them up against the wall for me.. [he follows instructions] Yes.. Just like that.. And then I want you to lean towards the wall for me.. Yes.. That’s perfect, honey.. Good boy.. Now arch your back for me.. Show me that perfect butt of yours.. Just *bend over* for mommy.. Show me that *wet* little asshole.. Yes, good boy.. You’re such a *good* ******* boy for mommy.. Now, don’t be scared honey.. Mommy is just going to slip *one* little a finger inside of you, okay.. Just one little finger.. So just pay attention.. Just breathe and relax as I.. As I *slide* my finger.. All the way from your precious neck.. Down your spine.. All the way down.. Between your *sweet* little butt cheeks.. Mhm.. That makes you excited, doesn’t it sweetie? Feeling my finger there.. Teasing you like this.. *Sliding* over your entrance.. As you feel my other hand *gripping tighter* around your ****.. Stroking you just a little bit faster.. As my finger starts *moving* around your entrance.. With *slow* circular motions.. Just to tease that *tight* little hole of yours.. [kiss] Oh you are such a *good* ******* boy for me.. Such a sweet boy letting me do this to you.. Oh, I just love this.. To control you like this.. To play with your body like this.. With a firm grip around your throbbing ****.. And a *naughty* little finger ready to slip inside of you.. To *penetrate* your tight little asshole.. Mhm.. You like the thought of that, don´t you? Oh, I know you do, sweetie.. I know you do.. So just breathe for me, okay.. Just breathe as I.. As I stroke that **** of yours.. As I slide my hand *up and down*.. With slow strokes.. Pumping you.. As my finger starts *pushing* against your entrance.. Finding its way inside of you.. Just *easing* its way in.. Just a knuckle at first.. Teasing you before I shove it all the way in.. Mhm.. It’s okay, honey.. Just open up for me.. Yes.. Open for mommy.. Let me *play around* inside of you.. Just be a good ******* boy for me.. And let me in.. Let me finger that prostate.. Mhm.. I can feel your **** *twitching* as I enter you.. As I push *deeper* and *deeper* into that sweet little hole.. *Searching* for that *perfect* sweet spot.. That magical button that makes you *moan* and *squirm* like *desperate* ******* boy for me.. Oh yes.. There it is.. There is that button.. Now.. Get ready for me, baby.. Mommy is going to push it.. Mommy is going to ****** that prostate until you just *shake* with pleasure.. So just feel me.. *pushing* and *pushing*.. With my hand still pumping your ****.. feeling it jumping with every push.. Feeling it twitching in my hand as I push against that prostate.. Oh wow.. I think you’re ready now, honey.. I think you’re ready for the grande finale.. The *sweet ending* to this steamy shower.. And you know what that is, don´t you? Mhm.. Mommy´s *pink* little strap-on.. Oh you´re going to take it so good, honey.. So just close your eyes for me.. Just close your eyes as I.. *Strap up* behind you.. As I prepare myself to ***** you*.. As I tighten those straps around my hips.. Getting ready to just.. *Sneak up behind you* and shove my pink little strap-on deep inside of you.. [lubing up strap-on] Mhmmm.. Can you hear the sound of that? The sound of me lubing up my strap-on.. Making it *nice* and slick for you.. Ready to just *slide* inside of you.. To enter that *tight* little hole of yours.. Oh god.. Mommy is *so* wet right now.. Just *thinking* about ******* you is making me all wet, honey.. Mommy is just dripping right now.. [inhale] Oh god.. Mommy needs to **** you, sweetie.. Mommy needs to ***** you* like the good little slut you are.. So just open up, sweetie.. Let mommy inside of you.. Yes.. Just feel me poking against your entrance.. Knocking on your door like this.. Mhm.. Knock knock, sweetie.. Let mommy inside of you.. Oh come on.. Open up, baby.. Let my *pink* little strap-on just *slide* inside of you.. Oh yes.. There we go.. Let me step inside, honey.. Let me ease my way into you.. Into your *tight* little asshole.. You are being *so* good for me.. So good for mommy.. Your mommy’s good boy, aren’t you.. My perfect boy.. Letting me **** you like this.. Opening up for me.. As I go *deeper* and *deeper*.. Thrusting myself into you.. With my hands on your hips like this.. *Pulling you* back onto me.. Onto my perfect strap-on.. Oh yes.. Good boy.. You´re so good for me.. Mommy’s good boy.. Being ****** in the shower.. With warm water pouring over your body.. With steam all around you and my pink little strap-on *buried* between you butt cheeks.. [gradually starts ******* him harder] [spank] Oh yes.. [spank] Just take it, sweetie.. Take my strap-on.. [spank] Just feel that pleasure *jolting* through your body.. As I slam into you.. As I ****** you from behind.. [spank] Hitting that prostate *over* and *over* again.. [spank] As I smack your ass like this.. [spank] As I *spank you* over and over again.. [spank] Leaving a red mark of my hand imprinted on your skin.. [spank] Just like a symbol of what a *good* ******* boy that you are.. [spank] Because you’re mine, sweetie.. You are *all mine*.. And I know you like that, sweetie.. I know you like to be mine.. To be my *good* ******* boy.. Isn’t that right, honey? [spank] Yes.. Now feel my hand reaching around you to grip your **** again.. Just holding it as I *thrust* and *thrust*.. Just *holding* it as I **** that prostate.. Oh god.. I can feel how close you are.. How ready you are to just *squirt* for me.. To just release that load *all* over the wall for me.. To just *shoot it out* and empty those balls as I *fill you* with my perfect strap-on.. As I *fill you* and *fill you*. Rocking my hips back and forth.. Going in and out of you.. In and out.. Faster.. And harder.. So get ready for me.. Get ready to squirt that cum for mommy.. As you feel my *soft boobs* pressed against your back.. As you feel my strap-on deep inside of you.. As you feel my hand gripping *tightly* around your ****.. Holding it in place.. *Aiming* at that wall in front of you.. Oh yes, honey.. Any second now.. I just need to find that sweet spot.. And when I hit it.. Oh god.. When I hit that *perfect* sweet spot your creamy cum will just *gush* right out of you.. You will just lose control for me.. Oh when I hit that spot, baby.. It will only take one more thrust to seal the deal.. Just *one more thrust* to make you spray for me.. To make you shoot your your messy load *all* over the wall for me.. Oh ****, honey.. You are so sexy right now.. Just waiting for me so patiently.. As I search for that sweet spot.. [searching for a sec] Okay, honey.. I think I’ve found it.. The perfect angle.. That *sensitive* little spot that will make you *moan* and *squirm* like a good ******* boy for me.. Just let me back up a bit.. Just let me *charge* properly so I can *slam* right into you.. Just let me back up so I can hit spot *so good* that you just blank out in bliss for me.. [Spank] Yes.. Get ready, honey.. Get ready to pop for me.. [Spank] Because the next thrust.. *The next thrust* will be the nail in the coffin, sweetie.. [Spank] It will just *tip you* right over the edge.. It will feel *so* ******* good that you will just blow your sticky load for me.. [Spank] You will just *bust* and *blast* like the good ******* boy you are.. [Spank] So just feel me.. Slamming into you.. *Pushing* and *pressing* against that sensitive prostate.. Just feel that intense pleasure taking you over.. Yes.. Just *shake* and *shiver* for me.. Let yourself go, honey.. Just let it *all* out for mommy.. Just squirt that *creamy load* all over the place for me.. Just empty those heavy balls.. And make a *messy mess* for mommy.. Yes.. Good boy.. There you go.. Such a good ******* boy for me.. Just squirt it *all* out, honey.. There you go.. Just feel me *slowly* ******* you.. As that *twitching ***** just *shoots* perfect portions of *white* sticky cum all over the wall.. Yes.. Good job, honey.. What a mess you made.. You’re mommy’s messy boy, aren’t you.. My messy *messy* boy.. Now feel me as I keep going, honey.. Mhm.. No, I won’t stop, honey.. Mommy won’t stop yet.. So just feel me *pushing* and *pushing*.. Feel me picking up the pace again.. ******* you *harder*.. And *faster*.. Yes.. That’s it sweetie.. Moan for me.. Moan for mommy.. Just moan for me as I **** another load out of you.. [******* him harder again] [spank] Oh, I’m not done with you, sweetie.. I want you to cum again for me.. In fact.. I *need you* to cum again.. So do it.. [spank] Just do it, honey.. Just be a good ******* boy for me.. And give me another load.. [spank] Yes.. That’s it sweetie.. I can feel it.. I can feel it coming now.. I can feel those balls tightening again.. I can feel that **** growing *harder* and *harder* for me.. So just let it happen.. Just let it go, honey.. Let that *creamy cum* just *squirt* right out of you.. And make a *second mess* for me.. Yes.. There you go.. There you go, honey.. That’s my good boy cumming again for mommy.. With my strap-on deep inside of you.. Yes.. You’re such a *dirty boy*, aren’t you.. Such a dirty boy for mommy.. Oh wow.. Now let me clean you up, honey.. Let mommy clean that sexy body of yours.. [kiss] Oh you did such a good job for me.. So just stay where you are, honey.. Let mommy get her dirty boy nice and clean now.. Just let me take care of you.. [kiss] You know.. We should do this more often, sweetie.. It could be a weekly routine of ours.. Having a *nice* steamy shower together.. Just so I can ***** you* like you deserve to be ******.. It could be a Sunday thing, sweetie.. Just you and me.. Just you and me.. and my *pink* little strap-on.. Just think about it.. [kiss] Just think about it, sweetie.. [final kiss] *********END OF SCRIPT*******