Names={ "Sebastian":{"Age":15,"Grade":9,"Favorite game":"CS:GO","Favorite sport":"football","dream career":"game developer","favorite music genre":"rap","Favorite color":"green"}, "Rares":{"Age":16,"Grade":10,"Favorite game":"Forza Horizon 4","Favorite sport":"swimming","dream career":"Electrician","favorite music genre":"country","Favorite color":"white"}, "George":{"Age":17,"Grade":11,"Favorite game":"GTA V","Favorite sport":"basketball","dream career":"designer","favorite music genre":"pop","Favorite color":"black"}, "Matei":{"Age":18,"Grade":12,"Favorite game":"Rust","Favorite sport":"cycling","dream career":"streamer","favorite music genre":"rock","Favorite color":"blue"}, "Stefan":{"Age":14,"Grade":8,"Favorite game":"Call of duty","Favorite sport":"voleyball","dream career":"manager","Favorite music genre":"techno","Favorite color":"red"}, } while True: a = input("What is your name?").strip() if a in Names: b = input("What would you like to know about you?(Favorite sport/Favorite game/dream career/Favorite color/Age/Grade/Favorie music genre)") print(Names[a][b]) c = input("Would you like to know something else(y/n)?").strip() while True: if c == "y" or c == "Y": d = input("What do you want to know?(Favorite sport/Favorite game/dream career/Favorite color/Age/Grade/Favorite music genre)") print(Names[a][b]) else: if c == "n" or c == "N": break else: print("I didn't met you yet") e = input("Repeat your name").strip() print("Hello {}!".format(e)) f = input("Do you want to be added to the system (y/n)?").strip() if f == "y" or f == "Y": print("I will ask you a few questions.") favoritesport = input("What is your favorite sport?").strip() print("Ok i remember your favorite sport is {}.".format(favoritesport)) favoritegame = input("What is your favorite game?").strip() print("I heard {} its a great game.").format(favoritegame) dreamjob = input("What is your dream job?").strip() print("I heard {} is a great job!").format(dreamjob) favoritemusic = input ("What is your favorite music genre?") print("You have good taste in music!") favoritecolor = input("What is your favorite color?").strip() print("Ok I will remember {} is your favorite color.".format(favoritecolor)) yourage = input("How old are you?").strip() print("Ok I will remember you are {} age.".format(yourage)) yourgrade = input("What grade are you?").strip() Names[name] = {"Favorite sport":0, "Favorite game":0, "dream career":0, "Favorite color":0, "age":0, "grade":0, "Favorite music genre":0} Names[name].update({"Favorite sport":favoritesport}) Names[name].update({"Favorite game":favoritegame}) Names[name].update({"dream career":dreamjob}) Names[name].update({"Favorite color":favoritecolor}) Names[name].update({"age":yourage}) Names[name].update({"favorite music genre":favoritemusic}) Names[name].update({"grade":yourgrade}) print(people[name]) else: if f == "n" or f == "N": print("See you later {}!".format(name)) break