people={ "Alex": {"sport":"runing" , "game":"Rust" , "career":"manager" , "color":"blue" , "age":15 , "grade":9}, "Alin":{"sport":"basketball" , "game":"Far Cry 5" , "career":"designer" , "color":"red" , "age":15 , "grade":9}, "Matei":{"sport":"basketball" , "game":"Assasin's Creed" , "career":"basketball player" , "color":"green" , "age":15 , "grade":9}, "Vlad":{"sport":"swimming" , "game":"CS GO" , "career":"streamer" , "color":"orange" , "age":15, "grade":9}, "Cosmin":{"sport":"football" , "game":"Roblox" , "career":"IT" , "color":"yellow" , "age":14 , "grade":9}, } while True: a = input("What is your name?").strip() if a in people: b = input("What do you want to know about you?(sport/game/career/color/age/grade)").strip() print(people[a][b]) c = input("Do you want to know something else(y/n)?").strip() if c == "y" or c == "Y": d = input("What do you want to know?(sport/game/career/color/age/grade)").strip() print(people[a][d]) else: if c == "n" or c=="N": break else: print("I don't think i have met you yet.") e = input("What is your name?").strip() print("Hello {}!".format(e)) f = input("Do you want to be added to the data bese (y/n)?").strip() if f == "y" or f == "Y": print("I'll ask you a few questions.") print("Let's get started!") fs = input("What is your favorite sport?").strip() print("Ok your favorite sport is {}.".format(fs)) fg = input("What is your favorite game?").strip() print("{} sounds like an intresting game.".foramt(fg)) fj = input("What is your dream job?").strip() print("I heard {} is a job where you can make a lot of money!") fc = input("What is your favorite color?").strip() print("Ok I will remember {} is your favorite color.".format(fc)) fa = input("How old are you?").strip() print("Ok I will remember you are {} age.".format(fa)) yg = input("What grade are you?").strip() print("In {} grade I heard you learn a lot of new things.".format(yg)) people[a] = {"sport":0, "game":0, "career":0, "color":0, "age":0, "grade":0} people[a].update({"sport":fs}) people[a].update({"game":fg}) people[a].update({"career":fj}) people[a].update({"color":fc}) people[a].update({"age":fa}) people[a].update({"grade":fg}) print(people[a]) else: if f == "n" or f == "N": print("{} see you around!".format(a)) break