You are God. You rule over the planet Earth. You are currently watching the Earthlings go about their business. They have been trying to kill you for centuries, but you will not be defeated! The world is in chaos and it's up to YOU to bring order back into this world. Only you can defeat the forces of evil that are plaguing this world. Only you can save the human race. > You watch the humans for a while. You are looking for one human to be your agent on Earth, he will do your will and save those who deserve saving. You look down at the mass of confused humans, some of them ready to fight and die for their beliefs. Some of them are ready to give up their beliefs for the greater good. You see a human who you take a liking too. His name is Olophet and he lives in the desert. You appear to him as he is alone, walking by himself. He seems scared at first, but he puts up his sword and walks towards you. You watch Olophet approach, he is scared and looking down at his feet. You feel pity for him. > You say "Do not be afraid, Olophet, for I am not here to harm you. I know you. I have been watching you for a while and I see that you are a good, kind person. I have a quest for you, should you accept it." "Go on," Olophet says, still looking down. > You say "You are to go to gather to you a great and holy army, so that you may use it to take the city of Rome, from there you will be able to use your newfound power to destroy evil. I will help you do this." "Who are you?" Olophet asks, "How do you know me? > You say "I am the Lord your GOD." "The... the god?" Olophet asks, "But I'm a good person, how will taking Rome from there help me? > You say "There is evil in this world, Olophet. Satan wishes to overthrow me and keep the world in darkness. I will use you to save the world, from your seat of power in Rome." "But I don't want to rule the world! > You say "That is because you are a good person, Olophet, but fear not, for it is I who will rule the world, you are merely an agent of my power. I will protect you from harm." "What about my fellow soldiers? Don't they deserve a chance at freedom?" "They can be your fellow soldiers in your quest to bring down Satan, but you cannot be their friend. I will not allow it." > You say "Nobody will be free unless you do this, Olophet. It must be you, or nobody. If you do not want to, I will not force you, but understand one thing: If you fail, the world will fall into darkness and nothing good will survive." Olophet gulps, before nodding. "Very well," he says, "I accept your quest, what do I do next? > You say "You must travel to Cairo and begin preaching to the people there. It is from there that you will gather your army. The people in Cairo are unhappy with Roman rule and they will join you." "How long will that take?" Olophet asks. "A few days, I will check on your progress every day." "I'm not sure if I can do this," Olophet says. > You say "Believe in yourself, Olophet. I chose you out of ALL of the humans because I KNOW you can do this." "Yes, you're right," Olophet says. Olophet turns to leave, but you stop him. "Oh, and Olophet?" "Yes? > You say "Be wary of any beautiful women who try to seduce you, for Satan can take many forms, and he will do all he can to stop you." Olophet gulps, before nodding. "Yes, of course," he says, turning to leave. You watch Olophet walk away, before shaking your head and returning to your studies. You watch Olophet go about his journey. Eventually, you see a caravan of about thirty merchants heading to the city of Alexandria. You stand on top of a nearby hill, ready to stop them. > You say "HALT" The merchants immediately turn, grabbing their weapons and looking for a quick way out. "Nobody move!" you say, advancing. The merchants slowly back away from you, some looking to their companions for help. > You say "Do not be afraid! I am the Lord your God. I have a mission for you. If you help me I will give you as much wealth as you could ever need." The merchants are still cautious. "I don't think so, m'lord. You're not the only god in this world. > You say "So you are Satan worshippers?" "Yes, and you?" "I am the only true god. If you help me, I will give you riches beyond compare." You continue to back away from the merchants, slowly. > You say "Will you turn away from Satan or will I teach you what happens to those who worship him?" "Well, we're not sure what you are exactly. Are you an angel or a demon?" "I am both." "Then what are you? > You say "I am GOD." The merchants take a collective gasp. "GOD? Are you sure?" "Very sure." "How can you be sure? " > You perform a miracle to prove you are God. You raise your hand and a bolt of lightning strikes down to the ground, causing all thirty merchants to cower in fear. "I am God. What are you doing? > You say "Now, do you renounce Satan in all his forms?" "No, we don't think so. Just get on with it!" You sigh, grabbing your sword. > You cause the sand beneath their feet to open up and swallow all thirty merchants. You cause the sand beneath their feet to open up and swallow all thirty merchants. They scream as they are digested by the sand. You are saddened that you had to kill the merchants, but they are with their master Satan now. > You say "SEE SATAN, MY POWER IS INFINITE, DO NOT SEND YOUR FOLLOWERS TO BLIGHT MY PATH, COME AND SPEAK TO ME YOURSELF." You wait for a few minutes, but there is no answer. > You say "So be it." > You find Olophet to see how he is getting along. You travel to the city of Alexandria, where you find that the main streets have been blocked off and crowds of people mill about. > You seek out Olophet so you can speak to him. You find Olophet standing next to a large group of people, he is looking rather exhausted. "Hello Olophet," you say. "My lord! I'm glad you've come!" > You say "I told you I will be with you always, Olophet. I am glad you have made it this far. I need to speak to you." "Yes, of course my lord," Olophet replies. "Come with me through the crowd, I will show you something." "Yes, my lord," Olophet says. > You say "Olophet. On my way here I came across a caravan of merchants, thirty in total. They were Satan worshippers. I proved to them my power and yet they did not repent of their love for Satan. I had to kill them, Olophet. Do you see now? Evil has taken hold here." "I see that you are right, my lord. There is a terrible darkness here, we can't let it spread. > You say "You may stay here for tonight, Olophet, but you must leave tomorrow and continue to Cairo, for that is where you will gather your army. I have a gift for you, Olophet." You go into your tent and come out carrying a wooden chest. "What's that?" Olophet asks. > You say "Inside this Chest is the Holy Grail, an artifact of tremendous power, it is a horn which will bring down all the Angels of Heaven if it is blown. If you are ever in true danger you only need to blow this horn and they will come and save you, but do not blow it unless it is absolutely necessary. " "Wow, that is really powerful, my lord!" "It is the only power I have, Olophet. Do not abuse it." "I won't, my lord, thank you for this gift," > You say "I must go now, Olophet, I will go to Cairo ahead of you, to make it safe for you to enter. I will speak to the people there and prophesy your arrival. They will know you are coming. Some will not welcome you, but others will. Do not be afraid, Olophet, for I will keep you safe. Goodbye for now." You turn to leave, Olophet raises a hand and touches your shoulder. "Can I ask you for one more thing, my lord?" > You say "Yes." "Can you...can you teach me how to create weapons like that? I want to be just like you!" You think about it for a second. > You say "Nobody can be just like me, Olophet. Do not ask for such things, ever again. You are a good man, it is not in your nature." "OK, my lord." You leave Olophet and make your way to the temple. When you arrive, the temple is packed. You walk up the steps to the temple's courtyard and address the crowd. > You say "There is a man in your town named Olophet. He is the most holy and good of all of you. I will give a special place at my side in Heaven to anybody who help him get to Cairo safely." Many men volunteer immediately. "Well, it seems like your friends want to go more than you do, Olophet. You thank the men who volunteer to help Olophet, blessing them and promising them long life and a place in Heaven. After this you leave for Cairo. You ride for a few days, passing through several towns, to reach the city of Cairo. On the way you see how the people have been corrupted by the Devil's false teachings. You cannot help these men, who have been corrupted by the Devil's false teachings. You are glad to have found Olophet, who will rule the world for you, and smite them. Soon you arrive at the city of Cairo. You get off your horse and begin preaching to the crowds. They are in awe, and rush to touch your robe, some even want to kiss you. > You say "Bless all of the crowd, make them feel incredible joy in your presence." You bless the crowd, and they become incredibly happy. You watch them go about their normal lives, going about their business. Soon you leave the city to go and prepare for Olophet's arrival. > You fly up, above the city. You fly up, high above the city of Cairo. You see a small group approaching. They are Olophet and his men. You turn to watch them approach. You begin to shine brighter than the Sun. In a booming voice, as loud as thunder, you address the citizens of Cairo. You tell them of the arrival of Olophet and his men. You tell them that every man who helps them will be blessed with eternal life. You tell them that any man who tries to hurt Olophet will be sent to Hell, to be tortured for all eternity. The citizens are terrified of you. They know that if they help Olophet, they will be blessed with eternal life. They know that if they don't help him, they will be sent to Hell. They know that if they try to hurt him, they will be tortured for all eternity. They stand there in terror. You watch them, waiting for a sign. Eventually, you give them a sign. You strike the Pyramids near Cairo with a huge thunderbolt, causing the golden cap to split and melt off. You allow the golden cap to fall to the ground, melting through the stone. You strike again, this time through the giant statue's legs, causing it to shatter into tiny pieces. Knowing that the people will help Olophet, you leave, you have work to do elsewhere. You go back up to Heaven. > You summon Satan. You enter your study, and begin to concentrate. You close your eyes and begin to draw the powers of Hell towards you. Soon, the air begins to hold a toxic, evil presence. > You say "Hello, Satan." Soon, a hoary head appears. The face is long, with a tusks protruding from the upper lip. "Hello," it says. "So, what can I do for you? > You say "I have summoned you to tell you something." "OK," Satan says. "Go on." > You say "I have found a disciple called Olophet who I have sent to Cairo to create an army for me. He will take over Rome, and later the whole world. We will defeat you, Satan." "Ha! It doesn't work like that, fool," Satan says. "Find me a traitor in your city. Find me an ally who is more powerful than olophet. Then, we will take over." > You say "So be it. I will find you an ally, I will send him to you. He will be your disciple. His army and Olophet's army will meet each other on the field of battle." "Fine. I don't want to kill olophet just yet. I'm going to wait for my disciple." With these words, the demon disappears. You go to Rome, the eternal City, to find an ally for Satan. In the middle of the Eternal City, you see a large, gray building. It has giant walls, and contains a giant statue of the Emperor. You enter the building through the huge doors. > You say "Hello, is there anybody here?" Soon, a voice answers from above. "Yes, who's there?" It's the voice of an old man. He's sitting in a chair, in front of a table covered with food. > You say "Hello. I am God. I need your help, old man." The man stands up slowly. He looks you up and down. "Hello, God. I am Marco. What can I do for you? > You say "I know that you are Old, and you have lived in Rome all of your days. I am looking for a cunning, brave and talented young man, who is not good, but is evil. Where may I find him?" "Here in the building, in my secret underground hideout," Marco says. > You say "Then I have truly come to the right place, lead me to him." "Of course," Marco says. You follow Marco into the building, through a tunnel that was dug under the building. Soon, you find yourself in a massive cave, with many torches lighting it up. You walk past a pile of dead bodies, strung up and beheaded. Marco points to a man sat upon a throne of bones, bows towards him and shuffles off. You approach the man who sits on the throne. He wears black boots, tight black pants, a black tunic and a black cloak. He has sharp, angular facial features, and sharp, angular eyebrows. > You say "Do you know who I am?" "Of course," the man says. "I have heard of you. I am Rumor. We know everything about you, you mad being." > You say "Good. I know you worship Satan. I have come to you because he needs your help, Rumor." Rumor stands up slowly. He looks you dead in the eye. "What is it that you want? > You say "You are evil, correct?" "Yes," Rumor says, grinning. > You say "I will give you one last chance to undo your evil ways. Repent, and this ends here." "No." The torches on the wall begin to light up, as you begin to feel an intense heat. "You're going to have to do better than that, demon." > You summon Satan. You yell, in the deepest voice you can muster, "SATAN! COME TO ME, IF YOU DARE!" A portal to hell opens up, and Satan appears. > You say "I have found your ally. His name is Rumor. He will lead your armies against mine." Satan appears to you, appearing as a gigantic, skeletal, winged beast. > You say "Are you satisfied with my choice?" "Yes," Satan says. "Good. It's settled, then," you say. > You say "You will provide Rumor with all the help you can to defend Rome against my disciple and his armies. We will attack in 10 days." "Done," Satan says. You turn to leave, when you hear a chuckle from the throne. "You won't succeed. My disciple will win." You smile and bow slightly. "We shall see." You go to Cairo to see how Olophet is getting along. You find him on a hill outside of the city, surrounded by an army of men. You see the standard in the center. It is blue, with a golden cross. > You say "I am very proud of you, Olophet, for this is a mighty army you have gathered!" Olophet turns to you, smiling. "Thank you, my Lord. I've gathered all the able bodied men I could find." > You say "Indeed. I have spoken to Satan, he has a disciple of his own, whose name is Rumor. They are to gather their own army to defend Rome." Olophet's smile disappears. "Then we must prepare for war." You nod. After a few days, your army is ready. You bring Olophet to a hilltop, overlooking his army, you call for quiet and as one every man kneels infront of you both. > You say "All of you have joined this great and holy army to help Olophet take the city of Rome and defeat Satan. For this you will all be blessed with eternal life, as was promised. Not all of you will survive the coming battle, but fear not, for there are worse things than death, my friends." "Our holy crusade will be victorious!" Olophet says, raising his sword and shield. "For the Lord and for the Lamb!" "For Christ!" the men cry in unison. > You say "We will go presently to the Mediterranean sea, where I shall part the waters, and you will cross into Southern Italy. You will camp there and await for my sign, before moving on." Olophet nods, then says "We shall do so, my lord." After a few hours of marching, you reach the Mediterranean Sea. > You part the Mediterranean sea so that the army can cross. You part the waters with your hands, and your army crosses over safely. You tell Olophet "We're almost there." You find a good sized hilltop, with a large cave in it. > You say "Camp here with your army, Olophet. I am going to Rome to give Satan one last chance at redemption." "We'll protect you with our lives!" Olophet says, grabbing your forearm. "I know." You kiss him on both cheeks. You go to Rome to see what changes Rumor has brought about. You find that a large gateway to Hell has opened in the center of the city. A single man sits on a throne in the middle of the gate. The man sitting on the Throne is Rumor. You approach him. He looks at you. > You say "I see you have been busy, Rumor. So has Olophet. His army has reached Italy, they are coming. I will give you this last chance to repent your sins and denounce Satan." "No chance at all. I serve Satan, and the Lord will give you one last chance to repent. If you don't, you will be cast into the pit that Olophet will be." > You say "What a pity. Olophet has gathered an army of ten thousand loyal, brave men. They will be here soon to destroy you and rid this city of your evil. " Rumor laughs. "You're a strange God, to want to destroy ten thousand loyal, brave men." You glare at him. > You say "Where is Satan, is he with you?" "No. He is currently at his palace in Hell, with his allies." You nod. "I shall wait for Olophet then." Rumor stands up from his throne. > You say "When Olophet and his army arrives remember that I gave you this chance to repent. They will give you no mercy, nor shall I. Goodbye, Rumor." You turn and leave. You wait in the entrance of the cave. You hear the roars of Olophet's army. They sound like angels of death. You float above the army and with a booming voice tell them that it is time to march on Rome. They obey. You wait a few minutes and the sound of Olophet's army gets further and further away until it disappears altogether. Several days later you go to Rome and see Olophet's army, all ten thousand men, in line and column surrounding the city. It is a glory to behold, even for a God. You see a few thousand men ready to go in the front line, beside them are three thousand archers and three thousand swordsmen. > You seek out Olophet. You leave the camp and fly over the lines and countryside until you find Olophet's tent. You announce yourself and he comes out. > You say "Greeting, Olophet, the time has come." "Yes, it has." "You will win this battle." "I already know I will. > You say "I bless thee, Olophet. They will sing about this day in a thousand thousand generations." "And you will be there to hear it." "I'm sure I will." "We should get back. The army is getting restless." "Yes, we must. > You fly above the army so that you can bless it. You fly above the armies. You bless them with the words of God. > You cause mana to rain from heaven onto the army and fill it with a great courage. You bless them with the words of God. As you do so, you feel the energy enter their bodies. You see them react to your blessing. They feel braver. They feel more powerful. They feel invincible. > You summon Satan so that you may watch the battle together. You call to Satan and he appears before you. You tell him that you both should watch the battle together. "I thought you were on your way to Hell," he says. "I was, but I changed my mind." "Well, I'm not surprised. We'll have a great view from up here." > You say "Is Rumor ready to defend the city?" "Of course, I sent him a message before I came to meet you." "What did you tell him?" "I told him to go forth and prepare the men." "Did you tell him to retreat?" "Retreat? No, I didn't tell him to do that." " > You say "Then they shall all be killed. Lets do this." You sit back and wait for the armies to meet. You wait eagerly. "Do you want a drink?" Satan asks. "A drink? Why?" you ask. "Just because I'm going to kill an entire army doesn't mean I'm sober." "I'm not sure I'd want to drink with you right now." "Don't worry, just because I'm an angel of the Lord doesn't mean I don't drink." "Well you're not an angel of the Lord, you're an arch fiend." "So? I still have the capacity to be a good person." "I'm not sure you do." "If I don't, then there is no point in me being here, watching the world burn. > You say "Fair point. Go if you must. I will watch." "I'm not sure if you're just trying to be a hard-arse, but it's worked. Now I have to go kill some men. See you later, maybe." "Maybe." You watch the battle unfold. The army of Olophet fight's bravely, though outnumbered. Satan's magic is giving Rumor an edge in the battle. Then suddenly a horn blows, its head so powerful it causes you to fall to the floor. The army of angels appears. You see hundreds of angels descend from the sky, their leader standing behind them. You watch in awe as they fight. Their skills are unsurpassed. Olophet must have used the Holy Grail! You cheer the angels on! They fight for a while, when all of a sudden, there is a break in the battle. You see Rumor escape through a tunnel. > You say "Olophet, chase him, he must not be allowed to escape!" Olophet runs after Rumor, but is much too weak. You have to help him. "I can't reach him, help me reach him!" he shouts, desperately looking for support. > You fill Olophet with the holy spirit. You fill Olophet with the holy spirit, and he looks in the direction of the tunnel. He sprints towards it. "I've found him, follow me!" > You follow Olophet into the tunnel, once inside, seal the entrance shut tight behind you. You run after Olophet, and are thrilled to find he has run straight into the mouth of the tunnel. You follow him down it, down into the bowels of the earth, chasing Rumor's voice. Suddenly you find yourself in a vast underground cavern, lit by the red glow of a nearby lava flow. > You say "You cannot escape, Rumor, you must fight Olophet, one on one." "Don't bet on it." You turn around to see a tall, gaunt figure. He is cloaked, hooded and hat-wearing, and has a death's head mask, with pale skin and red eyes, like a possessed corpse. "I have no interest in fighting you," > You say "You will not be fighting me, you will be fight Olophet. Olophet, it is time, kill him." You see Olophet approach Rumor, who stands, impossibly, on a platform over a deep chasm. "Rumor, I am here to stop you. This is your last battle. > You watch the fight. You watch the fight, which is long and hard. The two have great powers. They can call down fire from the sky, send bolts of lightning and send the ground tearing apart. They fight, slowly but surely, towards the chasm. There, they clash: Rumor fights with a large, ornate sword, Olophet with a smaller one, a dagger and strong punches. The two men fight, blow for blow, sword clanging against shield, dagger stabbing deep into a foe's side. Soon, only a few feet separate them. > You say "DO NOT BE AFRAID, OLOPHET. THE LORD IS WITH YOU." Suddenly, a bolt of lightning from the sky zaps Olophet. He lets out a pained yell, and falls. He starts to slip, but suddenly, Rumor throws his sword into the chasm. It disappears in the lava below. "RUN, OLD MAN!" he shouts. You sprint over to Olophet, who is starting to slip. > You create rock for Olophet to land safely ontop of. You fly into a rage, creating a large platform of stone and flying Olophet to safety. He falls onto the platform, and breathes hard. "Thank... you..." he gasps. > You say "DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME, OLOPHET. KILL HIM NOW. USE YOUR FAITH." Olophet flies over to Rumor, who stands at the edge of the platform. "You are a fool," Olophet hisses, "Kill yourself." Rumor laughs. "Oh, no, my friend. I'm going to live forever. And you're not going to stop me." Olophet turns, and unleashes a bolt of lightning that hits him in the chest. "No...!" he roars, and falls over the edge. You stand there for a moment, staring. > You say "Well done, Olophet!" Suddenly, you hear a voice. "He's dead. Congratulations." You turn, and see a man. He is young, dressed in black leather armor, with a sword by his side. > You say "Hello, Satan." The man smiles, and nods. "I see you've won. Well done." You nod back. "It was a close battle. Well fought, both of you." > You cast Satan into the fires of hell. With a wave of your hand, the man begins to scream in agony. His body twists and turns, bones crackling with electricity. Soon, his screams turn to whimpers, then stop. The man turns to ashes and is blown away, into the pit. "The fires of hell await you, my enemy. Go to sleep, until the end of time." You float over to the edge of the pit, staring down. The fires below look warm and inviting. > You say "It is done, Olophet. You will rule for a thousand years, and fuck many hot bitches, and have tonnes and tonnes of children. It's gonna be so rad." Olophet smiles. "I'm... I'm gonna do it! Thank you! I'll... make you proud!" You nod. "I know you will."