Hey there! Female here, looking for a fun free use Roleplay! :) Ashley is in her late teens, or early 20s(18+) https://imgur.com/416zDTr Brianna is her late 30s, early 40s https://imgur.com/TBGMAKj It's a fairly late lazy morning and Ashley is snuggled up next to you in bed, clearly in a daze after the fun last night. She's got a bit of bedhead and her fit is just a simple thin strapped black tank top and sweatshorts. However her top is stretched down to unveil her perky tits, there's remnants of cum upon her chin and on her thighs which explains what went down last night. Brianna couldn't sleep much, especially with how loud Ashley got in the night. She'd be wearing nothing more but a sheer black robe and a pair of lacy panties. Humming a tune, she'd busy herself with preparing breakfast in the kitchen - for now it was bacon, eggs and toast. Despite being Mother and Daughter, the two ladies were pretty competitive when it came to being outright sluts. Always trying to outdo each other whenever they brought a boy or a man home to spend the night, today was no different.