Exposing How Britney Was Placed Into An Illegal Conservatorship: A MASTER THREAD #FreeBritney # THREAD START ## yourhonor; @notedyourhonor twitter.com ### date of record 03.6.21., manually # string next to image is image sha256sum checksum [1] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326912661000192 yourhonor @notedyourhonor 9:58 PM · Jun 30, 2021·Twitter Web App Exposing How Britney Was Placed Into An Illegal Conservatorship: A MASTER THREAD #FreeBritney b609f5aa2a3f96e72f8b045a633886a537b57327f9b34aa2c2684b53de36232b thread1/1a.png [2] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326914221309952 yourhonor; @notedyourhonor 9:58 PM · Jun 30, 2021·Twitter Web App Replying to @notedyourhonor Disclaimer: none of the content or evidence in this thread belongs to me and is based on court documents, online sources, and speculation. My use of the content is fair use under Section 107 of the Copyright Act for educational, informational, & commentary purposes. [3] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326917572546565 yourhonor; @notedyourhonor 9:58 PM · Jun 30, 2021·Twitter Web App Britney Spears started working at the age of 8. In 2004, at the age of 23, Britney’s net worth was an estimated $84.6 million (conservative estimate). d703aa6ff59f63a9254fd399af1bcb1116b05b65084af062d5872d0b2ea08534 thread1/3a.png 610de9682bacc03f3cfdb18026a1a5070df9ee2d683fe484d5f708fddd98c3df thread1/3b.png [4] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326921267712004 yourhonor @notedyourhonor 9:58 PM · Jun 30, 2021·Twitter Web App Britney had always provided for her family. In July 2004, she moved all of her assets into a trust to protect them. Jamie and Lynne became worried about getting cut out of Britney’s life—and her money. They grew even more worried when weeks later, Britney got married to Kevin. [5] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326924329508866 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 After she got married, she had two children in succession, and she also began distancing herself from her toxic parents. She also began to distance herself from her toxic management, namely, Larry Rudolph. 9ad8ae0f58b08afe1387e0376362377c2c56378513fee78060898b32acc9c897 thread1/5a.png [6] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326928590917637 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 In 2005, a key player in the conservatorship found their way to the Spears family: one Louise M. Taylor. She began managing Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn in 2005. JL lived in LA and was working in CA. LMT's business was based out of TN, so it is unclear how LMT reached JL. 9972d523e0a3a0917e474d9f8b16b2717b559218f6a514ee4a023d06c5210431 thread1/6a.jpeg [7] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326933083021315 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 It is highly speculated that LMT sought out management of JL as a way to get to the ultimate prize: managing Britney Spears's empire. c74f195d0a672463903ed52150cdbd3e2c125f8f656840fb5dd7774bc99a26af thread1/7a.jpeg [8] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326936161722368 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 LMT used her religious ideology to worm her way into the Spears family and gain their trust. Jamie sent LMT to perform some sort of “exorcism” on Britney to “rid” Britney of “gay demons” after tabloid rumors swirled of Britney’s bisexuality. https://www.todayschristianwoman.com/articles/2007/march/7.36.html bc9f3a780bd86796e54aa23fccc09d6b7a28c322ca382c26ae271e6de816f56f thread1/8a.png e6168b2f2f8089f52c7381154861baca2796958fe2c00de369fde55868775eaf thread1/8b.png [9] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326937885495297 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 For background, LMT is connected with prominent Evangelical Christian churches and leaders. The Spears are deeply religious, so LMT likely appealed to them on religious grounds. https://twitter.com/courtb8822/status/1394471832921772048 [10] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326941937246208 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 LMT expected Britney to be as stupid and gullible as the rest of her family was. However, in 2007 Britney allegedly asked her lawyer for help against this “crazy stalker lady” (LMT). Based on the email, Britney had been stalked by LMT for five months. Allegedly. 10a.jpeg 10b.jpeg [11] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326947536666629 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 During these months, several players in Britney's life started to carry out a concerted plan to force Britney back into working and performing. The key players were: Larry Rudolph, Louise Taylor, Jamie & Lynne Spears, and Kevin Federline. This will need its own thread. 16522a64eb91b8af8b7c5023e16cc72b7fe5f4d01c1f5a0504765c9fb36148af thread1/11a.jpeg 8811544ceecfb04736f9279ec7efebca29192dbd21cd2433c03219675779ede3 thread1/11b.jpeg [12] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326949336027137 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 For ease, we will call everyone involved in instituting the conservatorship "Team Con" in future tweets. [13] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326952129437698 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 On January 1, 2008, Britney was placed under an involuntary 5150 hold after Britney had locked herself in the bathroom with one of her sons, refusing to hand him over to her ex-husband. She was released from the hold after doctors determined there was no cause to holding her. d8e9bf3e2ca462fcf01716728c69bad9576dbeff2244f427333404a6f69eb588 thread1/13a.jpeg [14] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326956327915520 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Everything was falling into place for Team Con. Next was to trigger another hold so Team Con could get the legal motions in place to take over Britney's person and estate. Dr. Deborah Nadel allegedly helped them trigger a second 5150 hold on January 31, 2008. 717d5f25900a7421c8792b1da859b471179fed743637c3394e568968c0b80034 thread1/14a.jpeg [15] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326960576757762 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 In court documents and their own accounts, Team Con and their attorneys admitted to the conservatorship being a well planned plot. They even had the help of the LAPD. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/22/arts/music/britney-spears-conservatorship.html bb5ec1d1a55995a9266c542897cfc7eabdd4cf6b16ce07f53b70bd4e19c4ad75 thread1/15a.jpeg 192db41abda5f5123b3c4f209bdf959580d431d5cb750edeb69642117f95c63e thread1/15b.jpeg [16] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326962283814912 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 On January 31, 2008, the LAPD carried out the plan to remove Britney from her home. The LAPD’s Chief went onto admit, “What we need is Britney Spears to stay home instead of traipsing all over town. That would solve the problem.” https://www.huffpost.com/entry/lapd-chief-what-we-need-i_n_87828 [17] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326965786058752 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 With Britney under UCLA’s control, Andrew Wallet, Jamie & Lynne Spears, LMT, and attorneys Geraldine Wyle, Jeryll Cohen, and Vivian Thoreen filed the paperwork they had prepared in advance. They filed on and ex parte basis to avoid giving Britney her due notice. 6422e9e4ac4f0bc31c4b8c0836903afd3aca39a6c0633f3ee386557bac0b4687 thread1/17a.jpeg [18] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326969976180736 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 From Day 1, Team Con engaged in legal improprieties. In their petition, they claimed that Britney had a dementia-related illness. This is NOT a blanket categorization for mental illness, it means dementia or Alzheimer’s, or a condition of permanent neurocognitive attrition. 827d1e6306b3e5d36d5ecf368fe8b14a37180a7c1e4ca6f8d105a905e924bcdf thread1/18a.png 5580f54d1c6188c89e0a090b60b9574adbaa65bf41512224fdacaf780fc540d7 thread1/18b.jpeg [19] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326972006162432 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Britney clearly does not have a dementia-related illness. She surely would not have been able to speak to the court as she did last week. So why did the conservators check this box that was clearly false? https://twitter.com/i/status/1410326972006162432 [20] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326975885893634 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Checking this box triggers the mandatory appointment of court-appointed counsel. Judge Aviva K. Bobb, the Presiding Judge over the Los Angeles County Probate Department, immediately appointed Samuel D. Ingham III as the Court-Appointed Counsel. b1415c7e4834e1569b53caa78a77c62dcce91fb97e08b84d0bc1bee670db8120 thread1/20a.png [21] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326978587029505 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 See this exchange with an attorney explaining the dementia claim triggering automatic appointment of counsel. Quote Tweet A G deBellefeuille @APrettyLeaf · Jun 28 Replying to @courtb8822 @Quietlyme1 and @8bit_bb The petition filed by J Spears asked for dementia powers. That request triggers a mandatory appointment of counsel. I have no doubt that as done deliberately. But your point that most people don’t keep probate attorneys on retainer is a good one. Anyone know who created her trust [22] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326981124657153 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 CA Probate Code Section 1470(a) states “The court may appoint private legal counsel for a ward, a proposed ward, a conservatee, or a proposed conservatee in any proceeding under this division if the court determines the person is not otherwise represented by legal counsel.” 3e13448fb8ef47367c6c317443cd6d46829b64a992d6abe62d562c34d5dfa879 thread1/22a.png [23] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326989156675587 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Remember, Britney has no idea this is all going on. Basically, the Los Angeles Superior Court appointed her counsel because she wasn’t represented. Why? BECAUSE THEY NEVER TOLD HER ABOUT IT. Why would she have a probate attorney permanently on retainer? Why would anyone? [.gif] [24] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410326992340217856 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Meanwhile, she is still locked in UCLA Medical Center under a psychiatric hold. If Britney was so in need of a conservatorship, why did Jamie petition for the power to authorize the use of restraints on Britney and to prevent Britney from being discharged from the hospital? 1a0b469f9fc2ed687e722adbe7093f4a9303af31dcd351186f4c5de9061d8e79 thread1/24a.png [25] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410327001777328130 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Because—hypothetically speaking—if you were trying to run a racketeering or human trafficking scheme, the last thing you would want to do is give your victim a chance to hire counsel that could fight for them. [26] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328808884895744 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 In fact, G. Wyle—one of Jamie’s attorneys—filed an ex parte motion to deny Britney notice of hearing. CA law requires 5 days notice of a hearing. This is a safeguard for proposed conservatee to hire a lawyer and to object to the conservatorship if they would like. It was granted. be16e2162e2121151c594ec5f4476e89640f501f83000455b31caa7d0e36bac1 thread1/26a.png 8e35eac74909a4ef4c49e3c1473726fe2946a9f5dd88ed4c522d6b0bfc84ff9b thread1/26b.png [27] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328814396207107 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Their justification was that (1) notice would hurt Britney’s medical treatment. After what Britney said in court about the medical malpractice and medical abuse she has suffered, do you really think they cared about her medical condition? ee4af18c7e964da9defdd7ffac7ec23ef300c6cfc3734b7048c5314a0a1bcd7d thread1/27a.jpeg 26f72cc05cb6dd2df082e2fa469a545eaa84c5327bfe766582cc3603d352f157 thread1/27b.jpeg [28] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328817877405697 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 And (2) Britney would be able to contact a manager, who would get her an attorney. They didn’t want Britney to bring an attorney in who would contest the conservatorship, because then they knew they didn’t have enough evidence to win the conservatorship over Britney on merits. f2988eda6606d306c8781d89e3613e54e4bb8cf55d71a3dc4b9e51874e2721fd thread1/28a.jpeg [29] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328823715885059 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Judge Goetz also ordered Samuel Ingham, the court-appointed counsel, to not to give Britney any orders or pleadings in her OWN conservatorship case—depriving Britney of the any information regarding the hostile take over of her person and estate. a3d8836162f8fbaf32e24391a2a29b9895591afc26cb1bc258f26383ba479401 thread1/29a.jpeg 7d1c7046ac1633476ada971c7d9e88d068ca3c2ba4eaac69d1c74b0d3c857fc8 thread1/29b.png [30] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328828757508097 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Britney’s family law lawyers attempted to help her fight the plot, and made the introduction to Adam Streisand, a probate attorney. Britney was not made aware the Court had already appointed Counsel for her, because Ingham hasn’t met with Britney yet. 77e4d3ca60003a2a832bb2ae0acfae28c591c4c1c3e25f94deae9d58c9f57886 thread1/30a.png [31] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328831295066112 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 She did not want her dad involved at all. She got in touch with her business manager at the time, Howard Grossman, and he provided a vehicle for her to meet Adam Streissand. Team Con terminated him immediately. Britney's dad wanted to fire manager over car, say court documents Britney Spears' father sought to fire her business manager because he circumvented court orders by providing the pop star with a car after she was released from a psychiatric ward, according to court... nydailynews.com {link unavail due to country restrictions} [32] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328834851831812 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Vivian Thoreen then rushes over the UCLA Medical Center and guards the hospital for 5 hours to make sure that no lawyers can meet with Britney to inform her about what they are doing to her. 56a45b163fadc3eac967e5da8aef2879ff893d97c536ed7abc86586f4e40d489 thread1/32a.jpeg [33] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328839222304768 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 The next day, Sam Ingham visits Britney at UCLA Medical Center for 15 minutes. He provided Britney no notice that he would be visiting her. 6cd470da5b2fe0ac6acc26f74079db23250469432533c19da6cf61c910520ee3 thread1/33a.png [34] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328844146384898 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 While this is all taking place, on February 1, 2008, the Court appointed a Court Investigator by the name of Frank Cowen. These reports are confidential, but the Investigator is supposed to interview family members and also the Conservatee (Britney). 2e2828c2fadbbfd27ac1c865831b5a882cbfd438c256ae6283fccf58f091a6ac thread1/34a.png b8efa0a99ab895e3ce636ed4fd086531ee85ba30a0f9027f3ecb320b7bf8b721 thread1/34b.jpeg [35] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410328848009359360 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Probate Code Section 1826 says, “the court investigator shall… determine if the proposed conservatee wishes to contest the establishment of the conservatorship” and “if the proposed conservatee objects to the proposed conservator or prefers another person to act as conservator.” cc3c91e6ab0c070adbfffc153a064645369c2b268c39fa057e6ac9c96e864531 thread1/35a.jpeg [36] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410330589098434560 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Streisand has said since that Britney adamantly voiced that she did not want her father as conservator. So it would seem that the court investigator either never interviewed Britney or did not ask Britney about her preference for conservator, which violates law. df56305f5eef0e37e4bfdb4d8f57ce61e31f34c46fb9406adf14e10eacdfade4 thread1/36a.jpeg [37] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410333118825852928 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 In California, there are two kinds of conservatorships: LPS and probate. LPS conservatorship are for people experiencing mental health emergencies. If Britney was so incapacitated, why did she not qualify for an LPS conservatorship? [38] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410333120239263745 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 NOTE: Having a mental illness or a “disability," does not make someone deserving of a conservatorship. Any semblance of mental or emotional turmoil or any divergence from what is “normal” or “able” does not justify a permanent loss of civil liberties. https://twitter.com/i/status/1410333120239263745 [39] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410335518051602432 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Regardless, whether the petition had merit or not may hardly mattered. The conservators chose Court Commissioner Reva G. Goetz to preside. She was appointed to Britney’s case as a Judge Pro Tempore, a temporary judge. Both sides have to agree to the use of a judge pro tem. [40] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410335520916336642 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 As we heard in Britney’s statement to the court, Ingham has not been telling Britney of all of her rights these past 13 years. It is reasonable to postulate he has not been providing her with info about the proceedings as required by law either. d8c12884c0120f20666868f7c539a93171193ef6a33faf9e62d0e9d950bbc3c9 thread1/40a.jpeg [41] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410335524124958723 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Back to February 2008. Team Con was scrambling to get a doctor to declare Britney as incapacitated. They attempted to get Dr. Long, a doctor who previously treated Britney, to file it, but he refused. 08e4593b414c63a37769e32f09ed4046e40c93b03e319022c9af54684e54c3af thread1/41a.png 9101f91a292277bf287494afb45905315bf117b70af43082eaabf3c6f51f3949 thread1/41b.png [42] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410335529384644608 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 In the hearing minutes from 2/4, Ingham claims Dr. Marmer will provide a capacity evaluation. The conservators instead arrange to obtain a declaration from Dr. James Spar, who has a shady history of allegations that he has provided fraudulent capacity declarations. 1e5baf958d9a2b365fb4410e03d0c5476d4bf6bbf830dd209b415e8025f0a198 thread1/42a.png [43] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410337011550932994 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Interestingly, Dr. Spar said in a recent podcast that he has no idea why Britney Spears is under a conservatorship. This seems to leave only three options: (1) his declaration said Britney is competent and the courts have pushed it under the rug; Sparkles Free Britney L.A. Sparkles @freebritneyla · Mar 11 “I don’t know what the hell’s going on with Britney Spears. I don’t know why she still has a conservatorship.” Dr. James Spar says he’s never run into a case where the client wasn’t allowed to hire an attorney other than the court-appointed attorney. @DefianceCast Show this thread https://twitter.com/freebritneyla/status/1370053124828717059 [44] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410337012826083330 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 (2) he perjured his evaluation and said she was incapacitated when she was not; or (3) there is no declaration, and the lawyers are just falsely pretending there is. None of these are legal. [45] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410337016231784451 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Lynne filed a declaration claiming that Britney was being drugged and emotionally abused. We don’t know what happened, but Lynne was only with Britney for 2 days before the conservatorship, as they were estranged. 60f4ad070628739e698c76802d451ee54ac01675fce45636af995b0044ec2928 thread1/45a.jpeg f0eb63cabb677cea264bd454a04a473e6f7a97c891df01d6b52cd0e8310b7b43 thread1/45b.jpeg 584d19c5fce20b76f86d5d35ac9b63672d3ba8af331809dba8ce8226df6b0b9f thread1/45c.jpeg 9abcbc9b49904f3e86c9af9db9f3cda56c689d1d3883d3098874348609201e5d thread1/45d.jpeg [46] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410337020505849856 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 (cont.) Meanwhile, a COURT-APPOINTED child monitor, who spent significant time with Britney, stated that many of Lynne’s allegations were false and that she never saw Britney use drugs. 4e09d9c3ba6240b712e4f3bbd943150f296cb3a5eacc24e095486e2925fa69a6 thread1/46a.jpeg 557db5cb04bdac58ed7290a9847c135781d1950abf78692804988dafc89ff448 thread1/46b.jpeg [47] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410339489197608965 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Around the time that the conservatorship was put in place Andrew Wallet reportedly referred to Britney’s conservatorship as an “experiment"–test of how far the lawyers could push and bend the probate system. https://soundcloud.com/user-405122914-411166228/the-whole-world-is-watching [48] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410339490606977024 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 People have focused on Jamie, but fact is, this was cooked up by a business manager who wanted control over Britney’s $$ and a bunch of lawyers who wanted to put Britney under a cship for their own gain. Jamie, an abuser with legal standing as a family member, was the abettor. [49] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410339495178768385 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 They saw Britney’s cship as a business model that could be expanded. The judges, Jamie Spears’ attorney, and one of the co-conservators even gave a workshop to a local bar association about how you can use the probate court system to do it to more people with large estates. 67bfcad5b776394c2adc8962712470951325481471ee0504574dc189680c0bdb thread1/49a.jpeg [50] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410339496730583043 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Throughout these last 13 years, the conservators and the court-appointed counsel have sealed and hidden most of the documents that directly implicate them. The motion to seal is supposed to be used only to protect the conservatee’s right to privacy. [51] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410339499893149698 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Samuel Ingham—the attorney who we NOW know has not been representing Ms. Spears in accordance with the California Rules of Professional Conduct—has NOT been objecting to these motions to seal even though Britney has clearly expressed a desire for open-court proceedings. [52] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410339501247893512 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Britney has been deprived of her Constitutional Rights: Ballot box with checkFreedom of Speech Ballot box with checkFreedom to Associate Ballot box with checkDue Process Ballot box with checkRight to Privacy Ballot box with checkRight to be Heard And many more. But most importantly, her right to be treated like a HUMAN. [53] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410340911343562752 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 In 2010, Judge Goetz issued an order that exempted Britney’s intellectual property and royalties from inventory and court reporting, even though her business manager, Tri Star, specializes in calculating royalties and IP. 07ad329c32786bba5fc4470feeca7eb5d7718b22c45909abe688ae3a11f3c6fe thread1/53a.png 5c20f27499dba09973260f4145477bf6f1d3b33a6d40ec3eb338948f9d8b0ced thread1/53b.png 3548856ad0f3c63c9891f127028d2e97a28a6f0e4660cab3cca8d7b60f58a447 thread1/53c.jpeg [54] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410340913662947328 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Many "professionals" have said that the court places the adequate oversight to ensure conservatees are not taken advantage of financially. So then why has such a crucial part of Britney's estate gone unreported? Britney's catalogue is unmatched and unaccounted for in court. [55] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410340914623483905 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 In 2011, when a company sued the conservators and LMT for breach of contract after they changed an agreement Britney signed many years ago for their own financial advantage, they had the Judge Goetz seal an order to block an effort to depose Britney. https://t https://twitter.com/courtb8822/status/1393222801012793347 {You’re unable to view this Tweet because this account owner limits who can view their Tweets. Learn more} [56] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410343039604715521 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Additionally, the conservatorship has replaced the Trustees over the trust Britney made for her children and created a pour-over will to channel the money from that trust into a trust they can use after her death. Jamie Lynn is the current trustee of the trust. 46952e49b9a431b9be82a3337db7d0895b5517d814d6ec8a0baecf7f4c6a9f2b thread1/56a.jpeg 9579c86258a69a10c2fe60cd7cd7d80875aed431aa7772aeb3cb17b530d30d90 thread1/56b.jpeg [57] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410343041223692288 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 As Trustee, JL tried to move Britney's assets into an investment firm with ties to LMT. JL withdrew the petition after fan outrage. That Surprise Witness, Esq. @SurpriseWitnes · Feb 28 What I’ve been working on tonight. A #freebritney thread. OKAY SO, in August, 2020, we get a court filing from Britney’s sister, Jamie Lynn, to move ALL of Britney’s SJB trust assets into what are called “blocked accounts”. But that filing actually told us so much more. 1/x Show this thread https://twitter.com/SurpriseWitnes/status/1365900847595544578 [58] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410343043601866753 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Sam Ingham has called Britney is a “high-functioning Conservatee,” but according to Probate Code §1801, a conservatorship over a person can only be established over people “unable to provide properly for his or her personal needs for physical health, food, clothing, or shelter.” 27053c214fba51207b0d8a7148a41b9fb62d5fef39d8c80b0b7559ec16dab5c1 thread1/58a.jpeg [59] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410343047380930561 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Even former co-conservator Andrew Wallet doesn’t bury the lede, writing in a 2018 court doc that the conservatorship is a “hybrid business model.” That is not a legitimate purpose of a conservatorship. 81f0cf428c260fbefe3d37c785efee00959286f32b607249b57e0b52fa909606 thread1/59a.jpeg [60] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410344793960456192 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 What people need to understand is they are not going to let Britney go of their own accord. If Britney gets free, either Los Angeles County or the State of California is going to have a massive lawsuit on their hands, so they have a financial conflict of interest as well. [61] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410344795415797762 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 If you really want to help Britney, you need to CALL public officials. Liking and retweeting posts on Twitter is helpful and good, but you also need to go that extra step and DEMAND accountability. We’ve compiled a number of action items that we, as concerned citizens, can take to help #FreeBritney and end conservatorship abuse. If you would prefer to take some of these actions together with the movement, stay tuned for more information. http://freebritney.army/take-action [62] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410344796737003520 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 You may ask, “why should I care about Britney Spears?” What is happening to Britney is a microcosm of the broader issues in this country: corruption, white collar criminal impunity, and a lack of oversight, accountability, and transparency. [63] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410344798385410055 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 And frankly, if this is happening to the biggest pop star of our generation, imagine what could happen to *you* or your loved ones. If we allow them to do this to Britney, none of us will stand a chance. [64] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410344799379460096 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 You should care that courts—public institutions—are being used to abet abuse and exploitation, even human trafficking schemes. You should care that a system that is supposed to protect vulnerable people is being co-opted by lawyers and doctors for their own enrichment. [65] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410344800398704640 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 You should care that when Britney gives a heart-wrenching, brave, and honest testimony about the abuse and horrors she has suffered, all that Judge Brenda Penny cared about were some leaks to the media—leaks that showed the court’s role in ignoring the abuse. [66] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410344801413648385 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jun 30 Will follow-up with more action items. This thread barely scratches the surface of the nefarious actions taken against Britney. Her life was stolen and we let it happen. [67] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410609480769830913 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jul 1 You can report Judge Brenda Penny using these instructions [68] yourhonor @notedyourhonor · Jun 25 #FREEBRITNEY Action Item #1: If you are interested in ensuring Britney's concerns are finally taken seriously, you can file a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Performance here: https://cjp.ca.gov/online-complaint-instructions/ #FreeBritney #EndTheConservatorship Show this thread [69] https://twitter.com/notedyourhonor/status/1410625493443903491 yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jul 1 I hadn’t seen this before, but @LeanneSimmons put together this wonderful play by play. One thing new people to #FreeBritney should know is many of the people who have been ringing the alarm for YEARS have been intimidated and silenced. Quote Tweet Leanne Simmons @LeanneSimmons · Jul 16, 2020 The Controversial Conservatorship of Britney Jean Spears #FreeBritney Click here: https://tinyurl.com/y8ddn3mu Show this thread [70] yourhonor @notedyourhonor Jul 1 I haven't validated this method, but you can submit a complaint against Britney's current conservator of the person using this info: The following media includes potentially sensitive content. Change settings [71] yourhonor @notedyourhonor 5h Replying to @notedyourhonor Can anyone download this with the pics and send it to me please?