[F4M] Mommy Taking Her Good Boy’s Anal Virginity [mommydome] [gentle fdom] [rimming] [fingering] [pretty pink little strap-on] [gentle affectionate pegging] [prostate pleasure] [precum dripping onto the bed sheets] [reassuring] [kissing] [aftercare] [good boy] *************** Disclaimer: I write scripts for fun and the views of the characters do not necessarily represent my own. All of the characters in my scripts are always 18+. Use of script: This script has not yet been published for use. Note to reader/performer: [Words within brackets denotes tone of the character/actions/sounds/events/change of scene etc.] *Asterisks marks words to be emphasised* Synopsis: A lovely mommydomme decides to fulfill her good boy’s deepest desire; to be pegged by a beautiful caring woman. As she knows her good boy in and out, she knows that he for a long time, despite his willingness, har remained an anal virgin. So she wants to be his first.. And all she needs is a great amount of tenderness, pure affection and a pretty pink little strap-on... Enjoy! *******SCRIPT STARTS******* [Inviting, soft sensual tone] Oh, come here honey.. Join me in the bed for a bit.. I have a surprise for you.. [directing his attention, soft tone] Look.. Look here honey.. Look what I bought in the store today.. [shows him her new pink little strap on] [Asking for his opinion on the strap-on, soft tone] What do you think sweetie? What do you think about mommy’s *new* *pink* little strap-on? [Suggestive] Isn’t it pretty sweetie? Isn’t it perfect? So small and delicate.. Yet perfectly capable of providing *so* so much pleasure.. Oh, it’s perfect, isn’t it? [suggestive, soft sensual tone] And I know you been thinking about it sweetie.. I know you’ve been thinking about mommy pegging you like a *good* good boy.. About mommy *strapping* a cute little strap-on on top of her perfect pussy.. And *fucking* you.. Fucking your *tight* little butthole.. Fucking that *sensitive* little prostate.. Deep inside of you.. Oh I know you’ve been thinking about it.. About *mommy* taking your anal virginity.. You want that, don’t you my sweet boy? You want mommy to be your first.. The first one ever to fuck you like that.. Oh, I know you’ve been thinking about that honey.. About seeing mommy with a pretty little strap-on between her *thick* perfect thighs.. With the black straps running over my *big* *beautiful* bubble butt.. So ready to fuck you.. [soft sensual tone] Well.. This is the day honey.. This is the day when mommy is going to take that virginity from you.. [suggestive] You know mommy loves to try new things with you, right sweetie? You know I love to show you new sides of pleasure [instructing, soft sensual tone] So go ahead now.. Get in the bed with me and get on your knees in front of me like a good boy.. Get down on all four for mommy.. Show mommy that *tight* little butthole of yours.. Show me that you want this sweetie.. [he gets on all four in front of her] [confirming] There you go.. [rewarding] Good boy.. [slightly excited, soft sensual tone] Oh, I love seeing you like this honey.. Down on all four for mommy.. Showing me your *precious* little butthole.. It’s such a lovely sight for mommy.. Such a perfect sight.. [preparing, soft sensual tone] Now let me get that butthole all wet for you.. [calming, soft sensual tone] Just relax honey.. Just relax like a good boy.. [spitting at his butthole] [confirming] There we go.. [soft sensual tone] Feel mommy’s wet saliva trickling down between your cute little butt cheeks.. [quick pause, then once again spitting at his butthole] [confirming] There we go.. [soft sensual tone] Let me smear it all out honey.. Let me lube up that *tight* little butthole for you.. [starts licking his butthole] [soft and sensual] Mhm.. Do you like that sweetie? When mommy licks your perfect little butthole like this.. Teasing you with my flexible tongue.. Flicking it over your entrance.. [continues licking his butthole] [soft sensual tone] Yes, that’s it sweetie.. You’re all *nice* and wet for mommy now.. Ready to be *fucked*.. Fucked like a good boy.. Now let me get my soft little finger in there.. [spitting at his butthole again] [soft sensual tone] Just let me *slide* my *soft* little finger into that *perfect* little butthole.. Just teasing you at the entrance at first.. Gently circulating my finger around it.. Around that sensitive area at your entrance.. Then feel me *gently*.. *Gently* pushing it inside of you.. Slowly entering you.. Just the tip of my finger.. Just the very tip.. Just the first knuckle.. There we go.. Let me in honey.. Let mommy in.. Welcome me.. Welcome me inside of your tight little butthole.. Be a good boy and welcome mommy’s *lovely* little finger.. That’s it.. You’re such a good boy for mommy.. I think you are ready for me now.. I think you are ready to be pegged and have your virginity taken by mommy.. [soft sensual tone] Just let me get my strap-on.. Let me put it on for you now.. My pink little strap-on.. My *pretty* little strap on that mommy is so eager to fuck you with.. [puts on the strap-on] [confirming] There we go.. [excited, soft sensual tone] Mommy is ready now.. Mommy is ready to *fuck you* like the *good* good boy that you are.. Just stay where you are honey.. Down on your hands and knees.. With mommy positioned behind of you.. Let mommy lube up this strap on for you.. So that it’s *nice* and *slick*.. Slippery enough to just *slide* inside your tight little butthole.. [spitting in her hand and lubing that strap-on up] There we go honey.. I’m lubing it up for you my good boy.. Mommy is making it so *wet* and *slippery* for you.. Ready to enter you.. Ready to fuck you.. I’ ready now sweetie.. So feel my *soft* little hands gripping your hips.. *Gently* holding on to you.. Supporting myself.. As I position the tip of my *pink* perfect strap-on against your *wet* little asshole.. That’s it honey.. Be a good boy and breathe for mommy.. Breathe and relax for me.. As I *gently* start pushing my little strap-on into your tight little asshole.. [gently hushing, reassuring] Shh-shh-shh.. It’s okay sweetie.. Mommy is going to take it slow okay.. You can have as much time as you want sweetie.. There is no stress at all.. No pressure.. You can feel safe with me honey.. Mommy doesn’t want to hurt you okay.. So just enjoy it honey.. [soft and sensual tone] As mommy *pushes* just a little bit deeper.. Just a little bit deeper.. There we go.. You’re such a good boy for mommy.. You’re mommy’s good boy.. My perfect boy.. Just feel me as I enter you.. As I ease myself into your *tight* little butthole.. As I gently *wiggle* and rock into you.. *Slowly* going deeper and deeper.. Yes.. Good boy.. Let me smack your ass honey.. Let me smack your ass to show you what a *good* good boy that you are for me right now.. [gently smacking his butt] [teasing, soft tone] Just gentle little smacks.. Just to show you that mommy is in charge here.. That I can do anything that I feel like right now.. [gently smacking his butt] [reassuring, calming] There there honey.. You’re such a good boy for mommy.. Such a *good* fucking boy.. [gently smacking his butt] [soft sensual tone] Feel me *slowly* rocking back and forth.. *Slowly* thrusting into you.. Fucking you so gently.. So affectionate.. So tenderly.. [gently smacking his butt] [encouraging, soft tone] Yes.. You’re mommy’s good boy aren’t you.. My good boy that likes to try naughty new things with mommy.. [gently smacking his butt] [teasing, suggestive, soft tone] So tell me sweetie.. Tell me how much you love this.. Say ”Mommy, I love to feeling you inside of me”.. Say it sweetie.. [he says it] [rewarding] Good boy.. [gently smacking his butt] [rewarding] Such a *good* fucking boy for mommy.. [soft and sensual tone] Now feel me *leaning* over you honey.. Feel my *big* *soft* wonderful boobs on your back as I lean against you.. Feel me as I rock *back* and *forth* inside of you.. Pushing against your prostate.. That *sensitive* little prostate.. That magical little button of yours.. Just feel it honey.. Feel me as I fuck your prostate so *gently*.. As I lean forward to whisper in your ear what a good boy that you are.. [whispering] Good boy.. *Good* boy.. Good fucking boy.. [deep sexy sigh] [soft tone] Feel me grabbing a handful of your hair.. And pulling your head back.. As I gently thrust into you.. Feel my *soft* *sweet* breath on your neck.. As you arch for me like a good boy.. Arch your back for mommy.. Seek the pleasure of my *pink* little strap-on rubbing against your prostate.. Be a good boy for mommy and seek that pleasure.. Embrace it honey.. As mommy fucks you.. As I fuck your prostate.. As I make you *squirm* and *shake* and *shiver*.. As you stand there on your knees in front of me.. [encouraging his pleasure, soft tone] *Squirm* for mommy.. *Moan* for mommy.. Thrust back into me.. As I fuck you so *gently*.. So *softly*.. So *sensually*.. [excited, soft tone] Oh sweetie.. This is *so* so sexy.. Me fucking you like this.. Taking your virginity.. Mommy is taking such good care of you.. Fuck.. Mommy wants to go faster now honey.. Just a little bit faster.. Is that okay for you honey? Can mommy fuck you faster now? [he responds affirmatively] [Confirming] Oh perfect sweetie.. Feel me thrusting into you just a little bit faster now.. Fucking you faster.. *Pushing* against that prostate.. *Pounding* that perfect little button.. Deep inside of you.. [Recognizing the pleasure he feels] Oh I know honey.. Mommy knows.. That feels amazing.. [Suggestive] It’s the best feeling ever isn’t it? *Mommy* fucking your prostate like this.. As creamy precum just *pours* out of your *drooling* dripping cock.. Making a mess all over the bed sheets.. Forming a wet little spot on the bed sheets underneath you.. As I *fuck* that precum right out of you.. As perfect little portions of creamy precum just *pulsates* out of your cock with every thrust I make.. As you *drip* and *drool*.. As you *drench* those bed sheets in your gooey cum.. [Acknowledging his excitement and taking it up a noth, soft tone] Okay sweetie.. I think you are ready now.. I think you are ready to cum for mommy.. So feel me as I go all the way in.. All the way in now.. So deep inside of you that you just blank out in bliss.. As you *breathe* so heavily.. As you *moan* like a good boy for mommy.. That’s it sweetie.. Let it all go for mommy.. Let that *gooey* good boy cum *pour* out of your cock as mommy *pounds* your perfect prostate.. That’s it.. Moan for mommy.. *Squirt* for mommy.. Squirt it all out for mommy.. Let it spurt out honey.. *Squirt* like a good boy.. Squirt that creamy cum *all* over the bed sheets.. Ass mommy fucks you senseless.. As you moan in pleasure with mommy’s strap on deep inside of you.. Just cum for me honey.. Cum for mommy.. Moan for mommy.. There you go.. Cum for me like a good boy.. Squirt it all out for me.. *Yes*.. That’s it sweetie.. Make a messy mess for mommy.. Good boy.. *Good* boy.. [he cums uncontrollably] [quick pause to let him come down from his orgasm] [commenting on his orgasm] Oh god sweetie.. You’re all shaky.. You’re a whimpering mess now.. [suggestive] That was amazing, wasn’t it honey? That was true perfection.. [Aftercare, soft caring tone] Now just relax for me.. Relax as I massages your perfect shoulders.. With my pink strap-on still deep inside of you.. Let me work your shoulders honey.. Let me find those knots and.. And work them out for you.. There there honey.. You did so good for mommy.. You did such a good job.. Mommy loved it honey.. So just relax now.. As I *ease* my pink little strap-on out of your tight little butthole.. As I give your *sexy* little butt a final smack.. [gently smacking his ass] Just to let you know how *good* mommy fucked you.. Now lay back honey.. Let me kiss you.. [kissing] You were *so* so good for me.. [kiss] So just lay there now.. Panting like a good boy.. Come down from that *wonderful* intense orgasm that mommy just gave you... [kiss] I think we should do this again honey.. Mommy would love that.. And next time.. Next time, mommy wants to face you when she fucks you.. I want to look you in the eyes honey.. As I fuck your prostate.. So I can *really see* how much pleasure that I’m giving my good boy.. [kiss] But that’s for next time sweetie.. Just rest for now.. [final kiss] *********END OF SCRIPT**********