1. Name at least three of the most important duties of a Law Enforcement Officer. Enforcing the law. Makes sure that every citizen is safe. Investigates for crimes, And even the crimes that will happen. 2. What is a lethal force and under what conditions it is used? It's the force that would mostly cause death to any of the two parties. It's used if someone causes a threat to a citizen's life or officer's life. 3. What does PSC stand for and why is it important for officers to be aware of it? I don't really know. 4. What is an HSV? Provide three examples of it. High Speed Vehicles. Infernus, Sultan, Comet. 5. What governmental agencies do we co-operate with? FBI, HRT, SWAT. 6. Provide the information that you know about the usage of the San Andreas Police officers' radio. To regularly update my actions and situations and to provide information and call for backup if needed. 7. Why is it important for us to maintain a good Public Opinion? Because without citizens trust they will not call us for help and that helps to reduce the crime levels by knowing that LEAs are doing their job. 8. Situation: you see two men fighting in a street, choose the correct first action: a) Open fire; b) Issue a verbal warning; b) Use non-lethal force; b) Issue a verbal warning. 9. When is the right time for you to use /panic? When my life is in danger, Or other citizen's life is in an immediate danger and I can't handle it alone or with my partner. 10. Name three illegal possessions. Heroin Meth Illegal weapons: M4, Snipers, AK47. BONUS QUESTION: When can you shoot an evading vehicle whilst on foot? If they opened fire before or driving-by.