[M4F] The pleasure of Being My Pet [mdom] [tied to the bed] [blindfolded] [nipple play] [pussy slaps] [teasing you skin] [so much teasing] [pleasure needs to be earned] [psychological dirty talk] [you look so beautiful in your collar] [cunnilingus] [ownership] [HFO?] [pet] [princess] [good little slut] [good girl] *************** Disclaimer: I write scripts for fun and the views of the characters do not necessarily represent my own. All of the characters in my scripts are always 18+. Use of script: Please feel free to use this script for audio recording or for other purposes. Also feel free to edit the script, to make changes to it or to leave out sections of it. Feedback is of course always appreciated. Note to reader/performer: [Words within brackets denotes tone of the character/actions/sounds/events/change of scene etc.] *Asterisks marks words to be emphasised* Synopsis: You find yourself tied up in your master´s bed, ready to be teased until you shake with pleasure... ******SCRIPT STARTS****** There you are, princess.. I know you’ve missed me, haven’t you.. I mean.. After our our last session together you must be *so* frustrated for me.. As I just left you there on the floor like that.. All *whimpering* and *wet* like perfect little slut for me.. And now you’re back here.. Hoping for me to be generous, aren´t you.. So hopeful and horny and.. Expecting me to just give you want you want today.. Well slow down, princess.. Because *pleasure* is not a race, you know.. Pleasure needs to be earned so.. So I’m going to take my time with you.. I’m going to *tie you up* and *tease you* until your body just *aches* for that sweet release.. Until your *so* fucking ready for me that you’re just willing to do anything for me.. Ready to *beg* and *plead* like a needy fucking girl.. Ready to be compliant until I give you what you want.. So.. Just strip naked for me like a good girl.. And hop in the bed for me.. Get yourself nice and comfortable.. You see today.. I’m going to tie you to the bed so I can do *exactly* what I want with you.. So I can *tease you* and *play with you* *exactly* how I like it.. So I can *use your body* as an instrument for my amusement.. Yes.. That’s exactly what I’m going to do to you.. I’m going to use you today.. So just stretch out your arms and legs for me.. So I cab tie these ropes around your wrists.. [tying her hands to the bed] With a proper knot, just to make sure that you won’t go anywhere today, my pet.. There we go.. And then let me wrap these ropes around the ankles to you feet.. To get you *nice* and *stretched out* for me.. *Stretched out* like a cross on the bed for me.. With your body exposed to me.. Under my complete control.. Ready to be used like the *perfect* little fuck toy that you are.. Now just relax, princess.. As I move my hand over your body.. As I move it along your legs.. Up to your knees.. As I slide my hand over the inside of your thighs.. Feeling your soft skin against mine.. As I move up towards your *pretty* little belly button.. And all the way up to your *stiff*, *sensitive* little nipples.. Where I stop for a while just to *squeeze them* between my fingers.. As I gently *twist them* and *tease them*.. And you just *squirm* from that perfect blend of pain and pleasure.. Traveling through your body as I play with those nipples.. As I *grab* your soft tits with my warm hand.. Just to let you know that *your body* is mine right now.. That you are *all* mine.. My fucking property.. My perfect pet, so eager to be played with.. So I bend down over your body.. Putting my mouth so close to your nipples that you can just feel my breath on your skin as I inhale and exhale.. And then I start *kissing* and *licking.. I let my flexible tongue just *flick* over your sensitive little nipples.. [kissing, licking, sucking and teasing her nipples] Oh you are just quivering now.. I think it’s time to put you back in your collar, my pet.. Because, you see.. This *black leather collar* is a symbol of your submission to me.. A little reminder that you are under my control.. That I *own you* and that I can do whatever I want with you.. And on top of that.. You just look *so* fucking good in it.. With that tight collar wrapped around your *precious* neck.. Just like the *perfect* little pet you are.. So just let me *lock it* around your neck and.. [locking the collar around her neck] There we go.. You´re so fucking beautiful, baby.. So fucking submissive for me.. As I stroke your hair like this.. As I scratch that *perfect spot* behind your ear and you just *melt* into a *wet* little mess for me.. Because you´re so under my influence right now, aren´t you.. *Bound in my bed*, hoping for me to show you some mercy.. To just take out my cock and *fuck you* like the *good* little slut you are.. So hopeful as I hover my hand above your pussy like this.. So ready to just.. To just place my fingers on your clit and *rub it* until you *shake* and *shiver* for me.. So ready to let my fingers slide into your *tight* little pussy.. To *push* into you and find your g-spot and just.. Just put that perfect amount of pressure on it so you just *moan* and *squirm* like good fucking girl for me.. But not yet, my princess.. First, I need you to be so fucking wet for me that you just soak these bed sheets.. I want you so fucking wet that you just leak your pussy juices, leaving a *perfect stain there* to remind you how *fucking* good it feels to be *captured* under my control.. So just be patient for me.. As I cover your eyes with this towel.. Just to make sure that you can’t see *anything* right now.. Because I don’t want you to *see* what I’m doing to you.. I want you to *feel it*.. To feel my hands moving over your body.. To feel my lips on your forehead just.. [kiss on her forehead] Rewarding you for being such a good fucking girl for me.. Now.. Now just lay there as I position myself between your legs and.. *Squeeze* your thighs with my hands.. As I *massage them* and *tease them*, leaving a red mark right next to your dripping pussy.. Just squeezing you, like you were a fucking piece of meat for me.. But you are *not* just a piece of meat, baby.. You are my *fucking* pet.. My personal property.. My fucking toy that I can treat however I want.. And that´s why I´m teasing you like this.. Because I can, baby.. Because I know that *you* want it.. I know that *deep down* you just want to give away your control to me.. You want to *wrap it up* in some *nice* fancy gift paper for me.. And just hand it over to me like the submissive little slut you are.. And that´s why you are here right now.. That´s why you´re in this bed, tied up and collared, waiting for me to fuck that tight little pussy of yours.. Waiting for me to tell you what a *good* fucking girl you are.. Because you like that, don´t you.. You like being told what a *good* obedient girl you are.. And that´s why.. That´s why you will do *anything* that I tell you to do.. That´s why you will follow my *every command* until give you that *sweet reward* that you are aching for.. So do as I say now.. And stick out your tongue for me.. Stick out your tongue like a needy little kitten, just waiting for a delicious treat from me.. That´s it.. Good girl.. Now keep your tongue out for me.. Keep it there until I tell you otherwise.. As I lie down between your thighs like this.. With my *warm mouth* just *inches* from your *dripping pussy*.. As I start to *kiss* *all around* your aching pussy.. [kissing around her pussy] Kissing the inside of your knee.. [kiss] And the inside of your thigh.. [kiss] [kiss] All the way down to that pretty little pussy.. Before I go back up again.. Leaving you waiting for me.. As I kiss the inside of your other knee.. [kiss] And your soft thigh.. [kiss] [kiss] Just to *stop* right next to your pussy.. Just to *hover* my mouth over your *perfect* pussy.. To *tease you* as I just *breathe* so softly.. And you just feel my *warm breath* on your sensitive skin.. Just hoping for my lips to *drop down* onto your pussy.. To *kiss you* and *lick you* and *suck you* until you moan out in pleasure.. And I can just *see* how fucking wet you are right now.. How your pussy is just leaking like a fucking sieve.. Just hoping for me to *flick* my *flexible tongue* over your *sensitive* little clit.. But right now.. *You* are the one with your tongue sticking out of your mouth.. *Not me*.. And I know you wished it was the other way around but.. You are not the one in charge here, my pet.. I am.. So I want you to do something for me.. I want you to *beg me* to eat your pussy.. I want you to *beg me* like a *good* fucking girl.. So do it.. Beg me for it.. Show me what a *needy* and *desperate* little slut you are.. Beg me *over and over* so I can understand *exactly* how much you want this.. How much you want me to just *grab your thighs* and *swirl my tongue* *all around* your *sensitive* little clit.. Yes.. There you go.. Beg for me.. Beg for my mouth, pet.. Beg me for it as I start *kissing* that perfect area *right* above your dripping pussy.. [kissing the area above her pussy] Oh wow, princess.. You are just *so* fucking desperate right now.. So desperate to feel my *sticky bear* against your *soft skin*.. To feel my hands *squeezing* your butt cheeks and my mouth surrounding your *sensitive* little clit.. Just *sucking* and *licking* and *teasing you* until you just *shiver* and *shake* and surrender to that perfect pleasure.. Yes.. You are so fucking ready now.. So fucking ready for me to just go *up and down* and *left and right* and *all around* your perfect little clit.. So just feel my hands gripping tightly around your thighs.. Feel the heat from my mouth on your skin as I.. As I.. [IMPROV starts eating her pussy and making sounds as appropriate, should go on for a while before stopping] Yes, that´s it, baby.. Moan for me.. Moan like a good fucking slut for me as I play with that perfect little pussy of yours.. You´re so fucking easy, baby.. You´re so fucking easy and I love it.. I could just make you cum so fucking easy, baby.. But there is no fun in that, is it.. I could just bury my mouth in your perfect pussy and you would just *give in* so fucking easily.. I could just swirl my tongue all around that sensitive little clit and you would just fucking squirm for me.. I could go *up and down* and *left and right* all over those *perfect* fucking pussy lips until you let yourself go for me.. My hands gripping *tighter* around your thighs, as my tongue goes deeper and deeper.. As you just *shake* and *shiver* with my mouth on your pussy and my hands on your ass as you try to break free from your restraints but you just can´t, princess.. Because you´re trapped.. With my mouth between your thighs just.. Just teasing you so fucking good that you just fucking lose yourself.. So how´s it going to be, baby.. Are you going to fucking cum for me using nothing but your pretty fucking mind or are you going to make me leave you here.. *Tied up* and desperate for me to just kiss that pussy until you cum all over my lips for me.. Come on, baby.. Just give in to pleasure, okay.. Just imagine my mouth all over that pussy just.. Just making you tense and tremble like a good fucking slut for me.. Just *squirm* and *zone out* as you imagine my mouth making you feel all those sensations for me.. Let your voice crack and your eyes roll back as you imagine me *swirling* so fucking softly around that *sensitive* fucking clit of yours.. Just *arch* and *clench* and *squeeze* your thick thighs together as you *fucking* cum for me.. That´s it, baby.. Good girl.. Good fucking girl.. Give it all to me, baby.. Just let that orgasm wash over your body as you shiver in pleasure for me.. Such a good fucking girl you are.. You´re so fucking sexy when you cum like that.. With a smile on your face just *shaking* so fucking perfectly for me.. I don´t even need to touch you, baby you just know what to do for me.. How to cum like a perfect fucking slut for me.. There you go, baby.. There you go.. Just breathe for me.. Just calm down as I stroke your hair for a bit.. You did such a good jo for me, baby.. Such a good fucking job for me.. Now just relax, baby.. I got you.. I got you, baby.. I got you right where you belong.. All tied up in my bed like this.. All *desperate* for my touch but so *unable* to get it.. I´m going to keep you here, baby.. I´m going to tease you all day and night until you beg me to just let you out of here.. Until your body just aches from all those orgasms that I´ve taken out of you.. But don´t worry baby.. I´ll give you some rest first.. Just stay where you are, princess.. [final kiss] *******END OF SCRIPT*******