The very cabal of materialist psychopaths who commit false flag terrorism against the citizens they are permitted to rule is attempting to engineer a technological one world government centered around mass surveillance and digital currency. This plan was laid out in Operation Dark Winter, which gave birth to both 9/11 and the current coronavirus psy-op. Because these people are evil, this technological service/government will be used to enrich themselves at the expense of others, and probably aid in the commission of rape, murder, and other crimes against humanity. It will be used as just another tool of abuse, when it could have been used to liberate us from the lesser aspects of our base, fallen nature. Considering their incessant need to lie, contractual obligations, and plain greed, however, we have time yet before this government can be established. We should use this time that has been granted to us to engineer our own version of this service, being that it is necessary to be financially independent to resist tyranny, and that no other solutions have been offered other than waiting for the most comprehensive world government in all of human history to collapse in on itself after successfully consolidating nearly all of its power. Obviously, homesteading and buying a rifle will not protect you from an AI drone swarm. Dropping out of civilization has never been a viable strategy of advancing one's interests in the world. The scary truth is that we will have to man up and fight the people who have expressly stated their mission is to kill or enslave us. The best way to fight back is to do what the cabal plans to do. They know this, which is why they assassinated Gaddafi and hacked Parler. Eglin Air Force Base bots and JIDF shills would not tell everyone to go live in the woods if that was truly the best way to defeat globalism. What would this alternative service look like? In short, it would resemble the vision the cabal has advanced, but without the class of war criminal pedophiles in charge. Automation precludes any notion of a class of decadent retard murderers directing everything from an ivory tower. With "Uber for police" operating under some kind of universal opt-in legal system, and an inter-polity, class-based tax system, there would simply be no need for government at all. Communities, including countries under siege from the globalists, would be deputized to govern themselves. Under such a system, charity provides some of the needs of the less fortunate, successful polities enjoy universal healthcare, diligent individuals from less successful polities enjoy good health insurance and other perks, and freeloaders suffer the weight of inaction, as it should be. Law enforcement would be handled by anyone who has achieved clearance to enforce law, where achieving clearance means something like attending a class on how to shoot criminals and installing an app on your cellphone. Only infrastructure would require centralized management. There would be no prisons because the criminals would just be dead. There would be no court because guilt and innocence would be determined by a GPS signal. There would be no defense spending because there would be no governments. Perhaps "mutual combat" could be extended to allow for gang war, seeing as human beings are violent apes who grow bored whenever there exists too much peace. The system described above is pretty much what the so-called "elites" have planned, except there is a clause in there somewhere about giving themselves trillions of dollars for doing nothing. They used the federal reserve to do much the same thing. Considering they did 9/11 and eat children, they deserve bullets to the heads, not trillions of dollars for doing nothing. If you are one of the few people who are not completely braindead or petrified, you must agree. So declare war with me by signing this message with your blood! Donate now: Place the string below in the "Recipient Wallet" field: 43oXnpHoCW4ipcKK3rL3DQiZTLDZ8puNBUyrE2MhwqxDhZZ1qYLkw8DSrBis8hYc99BfpMuBok1YVNGdW3dGkspcCudQFaZ The minimum amount one can donate using this very safe and quick method is $50. To dismantle usury and censorship, this is certainly not too high a price. If you can not spare $50 to safeguard against your and your children's enslavement, ask friends to pitch in (or learn out how to use a crypto wallet, boomer). The money you donate may be the seed of a tree whose shade you never sit under. I may be whacked before I ever see my beloved dream materialize. But those things do not matter. This is a war between good and evil, right and wrong. Until today, the incompetence of the ruling class was only outmatched by the apathy and ignorance of the ruled. Be the change you want to see in the world; share this polemic with everyone you know. You may reach me at for inquiries into this project, or for reassurance that your money isn't being spent on tendies and action figures. There I can tell you more about how I plan to achieve what I have set out to do. The average person has a woefully short attention span and has already closed this tab. Know that I am a man of action, not words, and so when I promise something, even if it appears ridiculous on first glance, I fully mean it. In my life, this ethic has resulted in far more successes than failures. Every penny you give me will strengthen my resolve. Already I have spoken to numerous individuals working for the governments of rebel nations under the big gay crosshairs of the satanist perverts — consuls, an ambassador — many of whom have expressed cautious interest in my machinations. After we pass the one million dollar mark, a rope will practically materialize from thin air into my hands, and we will hang these globalist pieces of shit together under the eternally loving eyes of Jesus Christ, my one Lord and Savior. Until we meet at the end of the world, Godspeed!