[M4F] I Know What A Fucking Slut You Are ❤️ [mdom] [BFE] [gentle and sweet at first] [then rough] [sit in my lap] [let me hold you] [let me tell you something] [body praising] [you are so smart and sexy] escalating to [psychological dirty talk] [I know what you really are] [you´re a desperate fucking slut] [a needy little nympho] [so say it] [talking about fucking you] [but in the end you have to rub yourself] like a [good little slut] [good girl] *************** Disclaimer: I write scripts for fun and the views of the characters do not necessarily represent my own. All of the characters in my scripts are always 18+. Use of script: This script has not yet been published for use. Note to reader/performer: [Words within brackets denotes tone of the character/actions/sounds/events/change of scene etc.] *Asterisks marks words to be emphasised* Synopsis: Your hot BF wants you to sit in his lap so he can tell you something.. *******SCRIPT STARTS******* Come here, baby… Oh don´t give me that look, kitten.. I just want to hold you, that´s all.. I promise.. Just sit in my lap for a while.. It will be fun princess.. I just want to tell you something, okay.. I just want to let you know how fucking great you are.. So just sit down, okay.. Here.. Let me wrap my arms around you like this and.. Let me give you some love, baby doll.. Just let me.. [kissing her neck a few times] You like it when I kiss your neck like that don´t you.. It makes you feel protected, right? It makes you feel small and safe and cared for, doesn´t it baby… [kissing her neck a few times] You know.. I want you to feel safe with me, baby.. I want you to feel like you can open up for me.. I want you to feel completely relaxed so you can be honest with me.. So you can share your secrets and just let go of all those walls that you keep up against the world all the time.. So just relax, baby.. You know you can trust me, right.. I would never do anything to hurt you, princess.. Because you´re mine, you know.. And I would never hurt what´s mine.. It´s simple as that, baby.. So let me tell you something.. You know, I saw you looking at yourself in the mirror the other day and I just happened to notice that you didn´t look satisfied, baby.. So I just wanted to have a chat with you about that because.. You know you´re sexy, right? You´re just the *sexiest* fucking girl, baby.. You´re hot and sexy and fucking beautiful and I need to be sure that you understand that.. I mean.. Your gorgeous ass.. Your perfect tits.. Your adorable fucking face with those beautiful eyes and those delicious lips of yours.. You are just fucking amazing, baby.. Your legs.. Your belly.. Your hands and your beautiful hair.. You are just fucking perfect… You are just too good to be true, baby.. [Breathing in her scent] And your scent is just making me crazy, you know.. It´s so fucking sweet, baby.. I could just smell you for hours and hours.. I just want to put you in a bottle so I could carry you around and smell you whenever I feel like it.. It just makes me wild you know.. It just reminds me of all those times I´ve seen your naked body in front of me.. Of my hands on your perfect skin and my lips against yours as I push you down to give your pussy what it deserves.. Because you like that, don´t you.. Me owning your body like that.. Just throwing you around like a fucking toy that I can handle however I want.. My hands all over your body just *teasing* and *rubbing* until your wetness is just leaking from that perfect little pussy of yours.. Mhm.. Because no matter how fucking smart you are.. No matter how fucking hard working and ambitious you are.. No matter how fun and adventurous you are, there is only one thing that you really care about.. Yes.. You know what I´m talking about, don´t you.. I know you´re smart, baby.. I´m familiar with you´re deductive skills and that a bright little head you have.. I know you very well, princess.. I know you´re deepest desires and your ugly insecurities.. Those wild thoughts that.. I know what´s going on in that mind of yours.. Your dreams and fantasies.. Your need to just.. To just do what feels natural for you.. To just let go of control and just.. And just seek that pleasure.. That reward as you let down your guard to let someone else just give you what you deserve.. That sweet state of bliss.. Those tingly sensations just running through your body as you zone out and.. [quick rhetorical pause] I know you *so* well, princess.. I know how fucking dirty you are behind that pretty surface that you put up all the time.. I know fucking nasty you are behind those beautiful eyes of yours.. How fucking naughty you are despite all of the talk about being a *good* good girl.. I just know you.. I just know what a needy little slut you are.. How fucking horny you are all the time, hoping to find a real good dick that can fuck you properly.. How fucking greedy you are with your vibrators buzzing and your hand reaching down as soon as you feel that urge to just.. To just blank out in bliss for a while.. To just *give in* to those filthy fantasies of yours like the dirty little slut you are.. Like a needy little nympho that just can´t contain herself.. Always a hand in the cookie jar.. Always ready to rub a good one out of yourself.. To just tremble and twist as shivers run all along your spine into that horny little head of yours.. To let that back arch and those toes curl as your body just surrender to those sweet sensations.. Oh I know what you are, baby.. What a *desperate* little slut you are, just begging for my cock all the time.. How fucking needy you get when you see my naked body coming out of the shower with just a towel around my hip and my body all wet, just hoping for me to give you something.. So tell me, baby.. Tell me how fucking slutty you are.. Tell me how fucking horny you are as you feel my hands on your body like this.. Just rubbing and teasing as you squirm in my arms like that.. As I grab your tits and stroke your hair like the perfect little doll you that are.. Come on.. Just tell me, baby.. Tell me.. Tell me what a perfect slut you are.. Mhm.. Say it, baby.. Say it loud and clear for me.. Repeat it like a mantra as I squeeze your tits like this.. As I rub your thighs and pinch your nipples until you squirm like desperate little bitch for me.. As I grip your throat just to press you back against me.. [pressing her against you] Mhm.. You are not going anywhere, princess.. You are going to stay *right here* like a good fucking girl for me and you are going to *tell me* what a *perfect* little slut you are.. How fucking dirty you are.. How fucking desperate you are as you feel my breath on your neck and my hands on your skin just.. Just teasing your flesh and testing your body.. Just *grabbing* and *gripping* as you grind yourself against me like the greedy little slut you are.. Yes, just say it baby.. Let those words leave your lips as I start to finger your pussy like this.. Come on.. I know you want it, baby.. I know you need it.. You´re a proud little slut, aren´t you.. I mean it´s written all over you.. S-L-U-T.. ”Slut”.. I can see it in your eyes, baby.. You´re such a *perfect* little slut.. And I´m not even shaming you, princess.. It´s just what you are.. A *beautiful* *filthy* little fucking slut.. With your wet little pussy and your dirty fucking mind always so *greedy* to have cock shoved deep inside of you until you moan and squirm like a dirty fucking girl.. It´s so fucking obvious, baby.. So say it.. Tell me what a good fucking slut you are.. Do it, baby.. [she says it] Yes, good girl.. You should have it marked on your body so that you never forget it.. You should have it written in your passport and painted on your door so that whole world can see it.. What a *slutty* fucking girl you are.. Always so *eager* to get your holes filled and your ass spanked until you moan and cry like a *wet* whimpering little mess for me.. Until you shake and shiver with pure fucking pleasure as you clench and climax like a good fucking girl… Mhm.. You know, I should buy you a collar, baby.. I should buy you a nice little collar that you can wear around that precious neck of yours.. A *tight* fucking collar for you.. Maybe black, maybe leather.. Maybe the word ”slut” inscribed on it with capital letters so that you really understand what a good fucking slut you are.. Now tell me you wouldn´t want that, princess.. Tell me that it wouldn´t make you so fucking happy to wear a collar like that for me.. That´s all you ever wanted , isn´t it.. To be a good fucking slut for me.. To get that pussy filled so good that you can barely breathe anymore.. To feel my hand on your ass as I spank those fucking words out of you.. Until you moan and whimper as you confess what you are to me and that just feels so fucking good doesn´t it.. To be a *horny* little slut with a cock in your pussy and a smile on your face just screaming that you want more of it.. To just shake with pleasure as I pull your hair and spank your ass and you just *give in* to all of it.. To just look me in the eyes with my hand around your neck just *pleading* to get it deeper inside of you.. Oh you are you are just *so* fucking easy, baby.. You´re so fucking easy and I love it.. Now I would love to give you what you want princess but I don´t think it´s your lucky day today.. I mean.. A good slut knows how to take care of herself, doesn´t she? So do it, baby.. Reach down to that wet little pussy and just lose control, princess.. Come on.. Rub it like you mean it, baby.. Tell me how fucking wet it is.. Tell me how fucking horny you are and how fucking close you are to just tremble like a good fucking slut for me.. Yes, just like that.. Good girl.. Good fucking girl.. That´s it, baby.. Let it all go for me.. Let it go like a good fucking slut, okay.. I know you can do it, baby.. You´ve done it so many times before, this is not a challenge for you.. Just shiver and shake for me like a good fucking girl, okay.. Yes.. Do it, baby.. There you go.. Cum for me like a good little slut.. Just let it all go as you tremble with pleasure.. Yes, just like that.. Good girl.. Let me stroke your hair, baby.. There you go.. There you go, princess.. You´re such a good girl for me.. Such a perfect fucking girl.. You´re so fucking sexy when you cum like that.. When you bite your lip as your body just squirms in my arms like that.. Yes.. That felt good, didn´t it.. That felt really good.. [kissing her neck a few times] I told you it would be fun, didn´t I.. It´s always fun when I´m involved.. [kissing her neck a few times] Now.. Remember that your beautiful, princess.. You are just simply perfect, never forget that.. *******END OF SCRIPT*******