Words in brackets are stage directions. Words in quotations are spoken. Ellipses are indications of pauses for response. Feel free to modify in any way or add any sort of sound affects. Thanks for reading, and have fun recording! ******************************************************************************************* (A knock at the door) "Come in!" (The door opens and in walks your son, his face redder than a beetroot.) "Hello sweetie, mommy was just catching up on her reading. What's up?" ... "Hmm? It's time for what? Speak up sweetie." ... "It's time for your milk... Oh! Your milking! Of course sweetie. Mommy completely forgot. You're a very good boy for reminding me." "Let's see, I'll just go get all the things we need to help completely drain you. While I do that, why don't you strip your clothes off. Sound like a plan?" ... "Hmm? You want to do it... differently? What do you mean?" ... "Oh... you want to just... stroke yourself." "Now honey, I already explained why we can't do that. The whole point of this is to help you overcome those distracting urges you've been having. If I unlock your cage and let you play with yourself, you'll only be giving into those urges. Then you'll want to stroke yourself more and more, until all your free time is spent jacking off instead of studying or learning a new skill." "You can't deny that its been a success honey. You've been doing so well in college ever since we started this. You've been exercising more frequently too. Isn't all that worth putting up with a week of not cumming? Just one week, and at the end of it your Mommy expertly helps you release all that pent-up tension. I know a lot of guys who would kill for a deal like that." ... "You don't think so? Okay sweetie. If you think this isn't working, I guess we'll have to leave your cage on for one more week then. Maybe having balls full of two weeks of cum will help you see the benefits." ... "Oh my! Haha you changed your tune quiet suddenly didn't you? Alright sweetie, it's okay, shh. I'll milk you right now okay? Good boy. Now, let me get the equipment we need. When I get back up here I want to see you fully bare on this bed, on all fours with your ass up in the air, okay? Good boy." (You leave the room to get your items, while your son bashfully undresses. After some time, you return.) "I'm back sweetie, are you... oh! haha look at you! Such a good boy for following Mommy's instructions." ... "It's embarrassing? No, not all sweetie, don't think like that. I think you look very cute in fact!" "Oh, look at your asshole, puckering in and out. I think it's excited for what's about to come!" "Now then, first things first, let's get you out of that cage." (You grab hold of his balls, surprised by how full they feel.) "Goodness, your balls are so full. Hmm, yes, they certainly need to be drained. Imagine how swollen they'd be after another week locked up, you'd be close to bursting! But don't worry about that sweetie, Mommy will take care of them right now. Let's just open the lock..." (You open the chastity cage's lock, and delicately pull your son's balls and penis out.) "...and carefully slide the cage off. Now the ring... and... we're done! There you go sweetie, feels good to let it all hang like that doesn't it? A whole week of being so tight and cramped, but now your balls and penis can feel all the space they want." "Speaking of which... Haha it seems your little cock is starting to get stiff isn't it? That was quick honey! It must be just so excited to be free. I bet it feels like getting hard during the week, doesn't it? When you see a pretty girl at college, or see something naughty online. It must want to spring up let you give in to those urges. Well, that's what the cage is for honey. It keeps you nice and soft so you can focus on something more worthwhile." "But anyway, we'll leave your penis to stretch away. I think it's good for it to get some exercise after being cooped up for so long. Instead, we'll concentrate on the true spot for ultimate pleasure." "Are you ready then sweetie? Are you ready be milked by Mommy?" ... "Good boy. You are so polite when you're in this position." "Now then, let's get my fingers all lubed up, shall we?" (You open a bottle of lube, and squirt some onto your fingers.) "Hmm... maybe just a little bit more, you look kind of tight today." (You squeeze a bit more out) "There we go. Now then, just relax, okay? I'm going to start circling your asshole with my finger." (You begin to do just that. Your son gasps.) "Oh, is it cold sweetie? Or does it just feel good? Maybe a bit of both? Haha don't worry, just let yourself loosen up. Let that tingling feeling spread across your whole body until even the smallest of movements brings you a wave of ecstasy. Good boy. I'll just keeping going around and around, around and around, until my good boy feels nice and calm. That's it, just relax." "I'm going to go inside now. okay honey? Keep focusing on the pleasure, and how good it feels to have such a stimulating spot be touched so gently." (You slowly pop your finger in his asshole, eliciting a grunt as you do so.) "Good boy, that's it. I'm all the way in now sweetie. You are such a good boy for mommy. Remember when we first did this, and it took so long for you to open up? You're a natural at it now! Because you know that once you get past that slight jolt of pain as I enter you, that's when the real fun can begin." "And goodness, just look at your penis twitch. I think it's excited to get to spurt out all that built up cum, don't you?" "Now then, let me just feel around for... ah! There it is. Do you feel that honey? Do you feel Mommy touch your prostate? It feels good doesn't it? Oh yes, baby, oh I can tell it does. Your whole body is shivering. I bet it feels like the best relief. You see, this is why I didn't want you just jacking yourself off. Sure it might feel good for a little while, but nowhere near this good, right?" "Mommy knows how to make her good boy feel the best. I just need to stroke my finger up and down and let it rub against your prostate. Good boy, that's it. That's the spot right there isn't it? When I rub just like this it feels like your whole body is flooding with euphoria. Oh, you are so cute. My cute, sweet, good boy." "Oh! and you're leaking precum already. Let me put a towel under you... There we go. Oh, those balls look so close to cumming. I bet if I gave them a tight squeeze you'd explode immediately wouldn't you? Oh my sweetie. You know, I am sorry you have to put up with all that pent-up horniness throughout the week. I know it's tough, but it really is for your own good. Was it especially hard this week? Yeah? Why was that sweetie?" ... "Oh dear... one of your professors was wearing something... revealing? Did you see here cleavage sweetie?" ... "You did? Oh my goodness. That must have been so hard for you, squirming in your seat as your penis strained against your cage. My poor baby." "You know, I was going to save this for another day, but I think you deserve a special treat. I'm just going to remove my finger for a moment okay?" ... "Oh honey don't whimper like that, I'll be quick I promise." (You remove your finger and head to your bedside cabinet. You pull out and object from inside and return to your son.) "Do you see this sweetie? I got it this week, just in case Mommy couldn't use her finger on you for whatever reason." ... "Well sweetie, this is what's call a prostate massager. It vibrates against your prostate and helps milk you just like Mommy." ... "Well, yes sweetie, I know it's bigger than my finger, but when I asked the lady at the store, she said this was the number one recommended toy for milking a young man's prostate. She said that several mothers have used it on their sons and all came back to give a glowing review!" ... "Hmm? Well of course sweetie. Lots of Mommies milk their boys. It's perfectly natural. So, what do you say? Would you like Mommy to use this on you? It's supposed to feel really really good, and help get the biggest loads out of boys like you." ... "No? Oh... okay. Although, since I can use this toy with one hand, it leaves my good hand free to touch other things. Things like a painfully erect penis, drooling out precum like crazy." ... "Haha that's the second time you've changed your tune so quickly today! Well then, let's begin and try to get you to the blissful release of an orgasm." "Now, your ass is still pretty open, but we'll still need more lube for this." (You pour some lube onto the toy) "Okay sweetie, this is a bit bigger than you're used to, so just relax for Mommy okay?" (You begin to slowly put the toy inside him. His hands clench on the sheets below him.) "There, there sweetheart, you're doing so good. Oh you are such a good boy for Mommy. It's almost in... and... there we go! My, look at a that, a perfect fit! How does it feel honey?" ... "Hmm? It doesn't feel that nice? Well that's because I haven't turned it on yet sweetie. Let me just press the button. There we go." (You click a button and the toy begins to vibrate. Your son suddenly moans in pleasure, his body shaking.) "Oh... Oh goodness! Your shaking! And those moans! Does it really feel that good sweetie? Oh my good boy, you are so cute. Look at you, your penis just got even harder! Let me help you son." (You begin to stroke his cock. He moans even louder.) "Goodness me you are so hard! Oh it's like a week's worth of erections are happening all at once. Does it feel good sweetie? Your mommy giving your penis a soft and gentle tug, while she milks your prostate harder than ever before. Oh don't even try to answer sweetie. Just moan. Moan as loud as you want, it's just you and me here. Moan while I pump you completely dry. Let yourself become lost in the ecstasy. Good boy, good boy. Mommy's got you, Mommy's got you." "Okay sweetie, I'm going to pump faster now, okay? When you feel yourself about to shoot, just let it happen. You need this baby, let it all out for me. Let out that week of cum, that week of pure frustration for Mommy. Picture all the pretty girls in college, picture your professor. Picture whoever you need to make you shoot out spurt after spurt of cummies for Mommy, okay? Feel the pleasure in your ass, the pleasure on your penis, and cum for me, cum for Mommy." "That's it, good boy, yes, yes! Cum for Mommy, cum for Mommy!" (He cums and moans in absolute euphoria.) "There you go! Good boy! Let it all out for Mommy! Oh my goodness look at all that cum! Keep going honey, Mommy won't stop until you're totally drained. Keep spurting, my good good boy. Oh my goodness, such a good boy, such a good boy. That's it.. That's it.. My good boy, I'm so proud of you. Mommy is so proud of you." (He stops moaning and collapses forwards.) "My my. Sweetie look at all that cum. That certainly is a weeks worth. How do you feel?" ... "Huh? Oh goodness! I'm sorry sweetie, I totally forgot to turn the vibrations off." (You click the button) "There we go. Well, I think I'll be giving this toy five stars out of five, don't you agree?" ... "Sweetie?" ... "Oh, look at you. Totally passed out. It's amazing the power orgasms can have isn't it sweetie? You just lie there, Mommy will clean you up. First let me just remove the toy... there we go. Now some tissues to clean your penis... perfect. Oh! And we mustn't forget your cage. It'll be much easier to slip onto you when you're passed out like that haha. Let's just squeeze your balls through the ring... and then put your cutie of a penis in the cage... perfect." "Have a nice rest sweetie. When you wake up, don't worry about your cage. Just focus on seven days from now, when we'll get to do this all over again. Good boy."