Brynhald — Today at 9:35 PM Some of it does to me and some doesn't. Make sense that is. There very much is a narrative currently in which being white or the word white in regards to humans has a negative connotation to it. Which even you used when you said the gaming industry is Hella white. Which is something I do not understand personally. I also don't quite understand what you mean by the oppressor class. Weather you are talking about white people or rich white people or what. But when such things are so generalized it is hard to tell. When it comes to literally anything in the world I believe in equality of opportunity, I detest equality of outcome. anxcrypt — Today at 9:53 PM i didn't say it negatively, i was just stating a fact that the gaming industry is mostly white employees. Oppressor classes are white people, including myself, as well as cis straight people. i am white so i have more privilege than people of color. Ofc, anyone can have problems regardless of their skin color or what have, but privilege is when a black child is killed for holding a toy gun and white murderers get treats while safe in handcuffs. Not everyone in an oppressor class is going to be a dick as well, obviously. i also believe in equality of opportunity, but it's a fact that, if someone puts in two identical resumes where one has a more "white" name and the other is more "ethnic", the former is going to be chosen more often than the latter if the industry involved has mostly white higher ups / bosses.