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More lists is coming. indonesia-radio.*** #EXTM3U #EXTINF:0,Andika FM #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Ardan Radio #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000; #EXTINF:0,Attaqwa FM #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000; #EXTINF:0,Cosmopolitan #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,FBI FM Bali #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Geronimo Jogja #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000; #EXTINF:0,Global Radio #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000;stream.nsv #EXTINF:0,iRadio Bandung #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Jak Radio #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Kalimaya Bhaskara Malang #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Kompas Sonora FM #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Malangkucecwara FM #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Matrix FM Ponorogo #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000; #EXTINF:0,MQFM Bandung #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Oz Radio Bandung #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000;stream.nsv #EXTINF:0,Pikiran Rakyat #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Prambors FM #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,RadioMuslim #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000;stream/1/; #EXTINF:0,RadioQu Cirebon #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000; #EXTINF:0,Rama FM Bandung #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000; #EXTINF:0,Rodja Bandung #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000;stream.nsv #EXTINF:0,RRI Pro 1 Bandung #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,RRI Pro 1 Jakarta #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,RRI Pro 1 Samarinda #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,RRI Pro 2 Bandung #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,RRI Pro 2 Jakarta #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,RRI Pro 3 Jakarta #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,RRI Pro 4 Jakarta #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Sindo Trijaya FM #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000;stream.nsv #EXTINF:0,Smart FM Balikpapan #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Suara Mahakam Samarinda #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Suara Muslim Surabaya #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000; #EXTINF:0,Suara Quran #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000;audio.mp3 #EXTINF:0,Urban Radio #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 #EXTINF:0,Zora Radio #EXTVLCOPT:network-caching=1000 radio@driglu4it.json { "__comment__": { "description": "Playlist for Radio++ (Linuxmint Cinnamon Applet)", "AppURL": "", "FileLocation": "~/.cinnamon/configs/radio@driglu4it/radio@driglu4it.json" }, "layout1": { "type": "layout", "pages": ["page1"], "page1": {"type": "page", "title": "List of stations", "sections": ["section1"] }, "section1": {"type": "section", "title": "Radio", "keys": ["tree"] } }, "tree": { "type": "list", "description": "List of stations", "columns": [ {"id": "name", "title": "Title", "type": "string"}, {"id": "url", "title": "URL", "type": "string"}, {"id": "inc", "title": "Include of list", "type": "boolean"} ], "default": [ {"name": "Akustika", "url": "", "inc": false }, {"name": "Rock Hits", "url": "", "inc": false }, {"name": "Hit FM", "url": "", "inc": false }, {"name": "Chillout", "url": "", "inc": false } ], "value": [ {"name": "Andika Radio", "url": ";", "inc": true }, {"name": "Ardan Radio", "url": ";", "inc": true }, {"name": "Attaqwa FM", "url": ";", "inc": true }, {"name": "Cosmopolitan", "url": ";", "inc": true }, {"name": "Elshinta", "url": ";", "inc": true }, {"name": "FBI FM Bali", "url": ";", "inc": true }, {"name": "Geronimo Jogja", "url": ";", "inc": false }, {"name": "Global Radio", "url": ";stream.nsv", "inc": false }, {"name": "iRadio Bandung", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Jak FM", "url": "", "inc": false }, {"name": "Kalimaya Bhaskara", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Kiss FM Semarang", "url": ";stream.nsv", "inc": true }, {"name": "Kompas Sonora Jakarta", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Malangkucecwara FM", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "MatrixFM Ponorogo", "url": ";", "inc": true }, {"name": "MQFM Bandung", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Oz Radio Bandung", "url": ";stream.nsv", "inc": true }, {"name": "Pikiran Rakyat", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Prambors Jakarta", "url": "", "inc": false }, {"name": "Prambors Bandung", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Radio Muslim", "url": ";stream/1/;", "inc": false }, {"name": "RadioQu Cirebon", "url": ";", "inc": false }, {"name": "Rama FM Bandung", "url": ";", "inc": true }, {"name": "Rodja Bandung", "url": ";stream.nsv", "inc": true }, {"name": "RRI Pro 1 Bandung", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "RRI Pro 2 Bandung", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "RRI Pro 1 Jakarta", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "RRI Pro 2 Jakarta", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "RRI Pro 3 Jakarta", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "RRI Pro 4 Jakarta", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "RRI Pro 1 Samarinda", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Sindo Trijaya FM", "url": ";stream.nsv", "inc": true }, {"name": "Smart FM Balikpapan", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Suara Mahakam Samarinda", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Suara Muslim Surabaya", "url": ";", "inc": false }, {"name": "Suara Quran", "url": ";audio.mp3", "inc": false }, {"name": "Urban Radio Bandung", "url": "", "inc": true }, {"name": "Zora Radio", "url": "", "inc": true } ] }, "__md5__": "a18eb3f7a212aa278adcba4ce5511d31" } stations.xml; Ardan Radio; At-Taqwa FM Elshinta; Geronimo Jogja; Global Radio;stream.nsv iRadio Bandung Jak FM Kalimaya Bhaskara Kiss FM Semarang;stream.nsv Kompas Sonora Jakarta Malangkucecwara FM MQFM Bandung Oz Radio Bandung;stream.nsv Pikiran Rakyat Prambors Jakarta Prambors Bandung Radio Muslim;stream/1/; RadioQu Cirebon; Rama FM Bandung; Rodja Bandung;stream.nsv RRI Pro 1 Bandung RRI Pro 2 Bandung RRI Pro 1 Jakarta RRI Pro 2 Jakarta RRI Pro 3 Jakarta RRI Pro 4 Jakarta RRI Pro 1 Samarinda Sindo Trijaya FM;stream.nsv Smart FM Balikpapan Suara Mahakam Samarinda Suara Muslim Surabaya; Suara Quran;audio.mp3 Urban Radio Bandung Zora Radio @dendie-sanjaya dendie-sanjaya commented on May 9 makasih banyak rq, :) @yorigustama yorigustama commented on May 31 Hard Rock FM gak ada ya om ? @hijoem hijoem commented 20 days ago makasih bro, iseng ane buatin player nya, smiley indio @didietkeren didietkeren commented 4 days ago trims .. mudah2an tambah lengkap dan akurat to join this conversation on GitHub. 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