115% movement speed 32 meter terror radius (her terror and chase music are now her lullaby) Huntress carries 2 hatchets, 1 recharges every 15 seconds Raising a hatchet is exactly the same but carries a directional notifaction (same range as her terror) when raised, put away, or fully charged. Also reduces movement speed to 90% while a hatchet is being used Landing a hatchet further than 12 meters increases her meter now called The Hunt by 25%, The Hunt slowly ticks down while she is not carrying a survivor. While The Hunt is active her hatchets recharge faster by a percentage(up to 2x faster), her cooldown is reduced, and her terror radius is reduced by a percentage. Hatchets should have a cooldown longer than a lunge to prevent machinegunning with melee hatchets Huntresses most enjoyable strength is her skill shots and her ability to snowball, her dependancy on maps being suited for her with locker and tile placements make her frustrating and inconsistent. These changes make her much more viable on bad maps and less oppressive on her good maps by rewarding skillful play and punishing misses Addons: Glowing concotion: Injuring a survivor with a hatchet reveals their aura for 5 seconds, as well as granting a targeting indicator for the hatchet's arc Deerskin Gauntlets: Injuring a survivor with a hatchet further than 12 meters allows you to instantly raise a fully charged hatchet during the cooldown period and refreshes a hatchet Iridescent Head: Injuring a survivor with a hatchet further than 24 meters will instantly down them. Doing this briefly reveals the aura of all survivors closer than 24 meters to you Infantry Belt: Carry 5 hatchets instead, hatchets do not regenerate naturally and instead all 5 are refreshed when hooking a survivor. The Hunt increases your body transport speed by 3% per 10% of Hunt meter Shiny Pin: The Hunt only decays when out of a chase or not carrying a survivor. Injuring a survivor with a basic attack expends the meter to reduce your attack cooldown