ATACT -- ATA Command Test -- Version 5A0b -- using ATADRVR Version 17A. Copyright 1997-2014 by Hale Landis. All rights reserved. Technical Support: This copy purchased by: FULL FREE VERSION (2019,FullFreeVersion). Customer id and number: c_free 9998. No ATAERROR environment variable found. Command line: A:\ATACT.EXE p0 WARNING: This is not a PCI system ! Options in effect... Log file name is '.\ATACT.LOG'. Testing primary device 0. CACHE, Set Features will be used to turn R/W caching on/off. COMPARE=FULL, Full data compare. FUA, Read/Write DMA/Multiple FUA commands will be used. IDP=NORMAL, Init Device Param will use 1-16 heads and 1-63 sectors. INTerrupt, IRQ (not shared) will be determined during controller setup. NODMA, Read/Write DMA commands will not be used. NOLLT, Error messages will not include low level trace. NOSTOP, An error will not stop the program. PIO=WORD, PIO data transfer will use 16-bit instructions. PM, Power management commands will be used. SEQ=n, Test sequence. SLOW=NONE, No slow data transfer on PIO Data In/Out commands. SM=NORMAL, Set Multiple will use powers of 2. TIME=60, Run time will be 1 hours 0 minutes. WRITEREAD, Write and read commands will be used. Run ID (Time Field in sector data) - Device 0: 12CEFF9AH, Device 1: 12CEFF9BH. The I/O buffer is 262144 bytes or 512 sectors of 512 bytes each. Defaulting to legacy mode - primary channel. Setting up ATA/ATAPI driver ... Using Primary I/O base addresses 01F0H:03F6H. ... done. INTerrupt mode will be set up and enabled after device set up is done. Checking ATA controller configuration ... Device Primary 0 type: ATA device. Device (not tested) type: ATAPI device. ... done. Checking device Primary 0 configuration ... Device Primary 0 is an ATA device. Executing an ID command... ...OK. This is a CFA device. Device Model: 'SunDisk SDCFB-10 ' Device Serial: ' MT302311102' Firmware Ver: 'vcb 1.34' LBA28 Total: 20480 5000H (LBA2 = ID words 60:61) LBA28 supported from LBA 0 0H to 20479 4FFFH. LBA28 sector counts are 1 to 256. LBA48 is not supported and not enabled. LBA48 Total: 0.0 0.0H (LBA3 = ID words 100:103) * LBA48 is not supported or LBA48 ID data is invalid. CHS Default: 320.2.32 140.2.20H (ID words 1, 3 and 6) CHS Default Total: 20480 5000H (LBA1 = ID words 1*3*6) CHS default supported from LBA 0 0H to 20479 4FFFH. CHS sector counts are 1 to 256. LBA28/LBA48/CHS adjusted by IDP/MINLBA/MAXSIZE/MAXTL options... LBA28 will be used in LBA range 0-20479. LBA28 sector counts will be 1 to 204. LBA48 will not be used. CHS will be used in LBA range 0-20479. CHS sector counts will be 1 to 204. Max Multiple: 1 MW-DMA support: 00, modes MW-DMA active: 00, mode U-DMA support: 00, modes U-DMA active: 00, mode ! Device may contain user data - restart ATACT using the OKTOWRITE option !