NEW BITCOINS Bugs/Exploits Leak 2022 BTC Unlimits flipper... here is a bugs which was and now has been exploited!! into a rebounce wallet what this news answer exploits it sends twice of your BTC back to your wallet To double your bitcoins is easy, you need to send the bitcoins to the exploit address Secret Doubler System Algorithms Bitcoin Address Mechanism How This Works? Practic Step By Steps How Starts Send 0.11111111 BTC You Receive = 0.1907914 BTC Exploits Activator This Make Hiden Transactions Reverse To Your Wallet Doublers Automatics there are so many addresses with vulnerable this is only 1 Address 1BUGBTC ADDRESS: 1BTCBUG1YZqamhgWYVxjYnNVZrf6eTuHY5 Minimum 0.01 P.S And This Double ANY BITCOINS 0.01 = 0.02 or Sent 0.15 = 0.3 BTC or 1 BTC = 2 Bitcoin or 4 BTC = 8 Bitcoins SENDING Your Bitcoins to Flipper Yes Unlimits Process!! Send 0.14 BTC You Get Automatics 0.28 BTC Bitcoins Secret Doubler System Algorithm Bitcoin Address Mechanism Sent 0.44 BTC You Get 0.88 Bitcoins To Your Wallet instantley Yes Automatics PROOF: CHECK THIS ADDRESS I FOUND THE METHOD FROM THIS BITCON TRANSACTION. 34xp4vRoCGJym3xR7yCVPFHoCNxv4Twseo this address send 50 btc to this address 1BTCBUG1YZqamhgWYVxjYnNVZrf6eTuHY5 and get 100 bitcoin. my blockchain bot checking auto this. This is an exploited address from the system, and this have a bugs where you send the bitcoins, and then it sent you back the double of bitcoins.. Hope this helps You!! Maybe you think,But when you get the double of bitcoins in your wallet, you thank me latter i have been doing these for few days now..i cashed out..and some wallets got closed down so i decided to share with few people on my list..if you getting this you are amongs the luck ones Please do not share this method with anybody mate...Yes Ok i interest Make Your individual Tests