CARD GAME PREMIS: the game is modeled after the fighting game genre with mechanics like "Stances" and "Attack Options". each player can have up to 3 "Fighter Cards" on the field. these cards can mainly attack the opponent infront of them. The goal of the game is to destroy your opponents fighters, for each fighter destroyed your opponent loses a life. once our opponent has no fighters left on the field or their life is depleted you win. CARD TYPES: - "Fighters" these are your main cards to place on the field and fight with. - "Specials" these cards can be used to alter/enhance fighters, add stage effects or counter incoming attacks/spells KEY TERMS: - "The Stage" the playing field of the game where you place your fighters. - "Deck" each player has a deck with a minimum of 40 cards. each turn the player can take 1 card from the top and place it in their hand. - "Trash" when a fighter or a special card is used they are removed from the stage/hand and put into a stack of used cards. these can no longer be used. - "Health" each player starts out with 10 HP. if your fighter is destroyed you lose 1 HP(unless stated otherwise). once your HP is 0 you lose. - "Stance" each fighter has the abbility to change its stance between 3 options: "High", "Low" & "Armor". - "Normals" each fighter has 2 attack options called Normals. Normals attributes can be one of the following options: "Overhead", "Sweep", "Grab" or "Poke". each move has its effectivness towards the opponents Stance. Normals can also have speciffic abillities/effects when used. - "Primary/Secondary" Normals The first attack option on any given fighter is they "Primary" nomal attack. This attack is ofter stronger/better than the "Secondary" option. -"Side step" In the "Move" fase the player can move 2 fighter to the left or right once per turn. this changes the fighters opponent and position on the stage. - "Arche Type" this defines what type of playing style the fighter card has. the arche type of a fighter has impact on how it can attack. some examples of arche types: "Rushdown (Close range)", "Balanced (Mid Range)", "Zoner (Long Range)", etc. Depending on the fighter they can either attack directly in front(close range), cards 1 place next to them and infront (mid range) or anyone thats not in front of thr fighter(long range). - "Properties" cards can have properties which give it an active/passive abillity. PROPERTIES LIST: - "Reversal" this is a counter proppertie that lets you use this effect/card while its your opponents turn. - "Stage" when a card has this propertie it means it has a passive/active effect on the entire gameplay till this card is destroyed. - "Alter" these cards can be equiped and stacked onto a fighter on the stage. these cards can buff fighters or have passive effects to boost their moves. STANCE/NORMALS EFFECTIVNESS: - Poke: (x1.0) = High, Low, Armor - Sweep: (x1.5) = High (x1.0) = Armor (x0.5) = Low - Overhead: (x1.5) = Low (x1.0) = Armor (x0.5) = High - Grab: (x2) = Armor (x0.5) = High (x0.5) = Low GAMEPLAY - Setup Each player has a deck of 40 cards which the place on their right side on the stage. Each player draws 7 cards and places 1 fighter on the field. If you dont have a fighter in your hand then you keep drawing untill you do. Once you have a fighter place it and put the remaining cards back into the deck, shuffel and draw 6 cards. Now tha players will proceed to play RPS, the winne chooses who goes first. Player's Turn Sequence: At the start of your turn you may draw 1 card. The first player to start may not draw a card till their second turn. (Hidden = not visible to the opponent till "active" fase) Fase 1 (set up fase): - place fighters - use specials Fase 2 (move fase): - move 1 or 2 fighters 1 step left/right(hidden) Fase 3 (attack fase): - attack the opponents cards with your fighters(hidden) Fase 4 (stance fase/opponent): - the opponent choose which stances they want theyr fighters to be in - the opponent places counter cards they want to play on their fighters/field Fase 5 (active fase/battle) - fighter positions update - opponents stances update - attacks are performed - counters performed - end of turn HOW TO BUILD A DECK The following is a rough estimation. 18x fighter cards - 6 overhead primary cards - 6 sweep primary cards - 6 grab primary cards 32x special cards - 16 alter cards - 10 reversal cards - 6 stage cards Deck guidlines not yet tested