The CryptoPunks vision 13 May 2022 WHO An organised and aligned core group of influential CryptoPunks owners working together to shape the conversation and tell the story of CryptoPunks to a larger audience. WHY CryptoPunks are the most influential and important NFT collection. Their story, with all the twists and turns along the road, and what they have inspired is artful. They belong in contemporary art museums and we as a community have an opportunity to put them there, faster than they otherwise will be. With the Punks IP being sold to Yuga, we now have a great opportunity to organise ourselves and drive CryptoPunks forward in the direction that we want. We can help dictate and shape Yuga’s future actions when we are united. We should no longer be passengers. Let’s get in the drivers seat and let people know how important these assets were in birthing NFTs, let’s share with millions of people why CryptoPunks are the most important digital art of our time. WHAT Events, exhibitions, PR, video and digital storytelling content This year for Consensus in Austin in June, I’m organising a party for 200-250 CryptoPunks owners and friends to celebrate the 5th birthday. Support me to make this an event to remember. NFT NYC this year will be massive. Let’s organise an event there. At the end of the year I want to hold a major exhibition telling the CryptoPunks story in Dubai. I want this to be a global pilgrimage for Punk owners to celebrate and enjoy telling this amazing story. Month-long exhibition in a dedicated space, installation-style exhibition with digital and physical, satellite presence in multiple locations all across city in the month/s leading up, opening and closing events featuring speakers and sponsors. I want to replicate this exhibition in major cities all across the world through 2023. With the attention we generate through our storytelling we then have influence when approaching major contemporary art museums to encourage them to put on a CryptoPunks feature exhibition. A CryptoPunks film/documentary is being planned by a French production studio to tell our story and to ask questions about what is art in this era. This will be the first of many. HOW Let’s pool financial and human resources together and get aligned on vision and projects. Let’s use our networks and influence and expertise to tell the CryptoPunks story to millions more people. We can build a DAO and seek contributions from the community. We can procure appropriate sponsors and partners for our events and exhibitions to alleviate the costs. To discuss, contact hemba @soldthebottom