>be me >be trainer from Aloha >be naturally versed in water >the only downside is I'm an aquaphile >be travelling in the Hoenn region >mfw 7/10 too much water >the mere thought of the water routes is enough to get me wet down there >fast forward to my journey to Victory Road >steamrolled the final gym >excited to beat the Champion and become a pokemon master >it's a generic, but a girl can dream >be surfing on my Milotic >literally the carry of my team, the rest aren't even close to his level >hang my legs off Milotic, letting them skim through the water >the cool touch of the ocean calms me >only downside is that my nipples are hard now >start fidgetting >fuck, this is awkward >Milotic glances back to check on me >he's a real sweetheart, always looking out for me. >unable to help myself, I give him a quick kiss on the nose >"I'm fine, sweetie" >why did that feel good? >can't stop myself from giving another kiss, this time a longer one >Milotic gets confused and loses its balance >ItHurtItselfInConfusion.png >We tip over into the water, the sudden rush of water all over my body causing a rush of dopamine in my body >Can't help but moan underwater >dumb mistake >panic because I literally gulped down water. >Milotic sees this and is quick to act >Quickly swims to my side, grabbing me and pulling me >we reach the shore before I drown >I lay on the beach, clothes sticking to my body as I pant that sweet, sweet oxygen >literally have a lady boner right after I almost died >Milotic is looking over me nursingly >"You're...such a good boy" >I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him again >feel something slimey and warm on my knee >look down >it's a fucking Milotic dick >mfw I turned on my Milotic >it's slimey and tentacle-like >Almost by instinct, my mouth gravitates towards it >kiss it and get an instant moan from Milotic >what's wrong, big boy? never fucked a human before? >want all in >start sucking on it, savouring the taste of sea salt >deep throating that bad boi so hard I can feel it throbbing my throat >Cum rushes through his member and right down my throat, taking me by surprise >IMiscaluated.png >I quickly get his dick out of my mouth and fall onto all fours, gagging but nothing comes out >mfw almost drowned again, but with cum this time >I can feel my body shaking, but not in a bad way >it's like a warm tingle in my stomach >"NNGH" >My tailbone feels good as I slump onto my stomach, gripping the sand >I can hear my shorts tear as a new feeling emerges from my back >I look back, my heart almost skipping a beat >A tail, coloured red and blue, lined with black with the tip resembling a fan, almost like- >Milotic shifts next to me, nuzzling himself against my cheek. >my beanie falls in front of me, as if pushed off my something >feel my head, only to find that two short ribbon-like fins growing out of my forehead >I panic, quickly clambering the sure to get a look at my reflection >holyshit.jpg >my eyes had grown relatively larger, the sclera of which had turned a rose red >glance at my arms >patches of scales all over them >I was starting to resemble- >Milotic curls around me >think he's trying to comfort me >mfw I committed a crime against nature, so nature commits a crime against me >well, if life gives you lemons... >roll onto my back, opening up the button on my shorts >present my pussy to Milotic >"F-fill me" >I hope I don't regret this >Milotic obliges >sticks his lucisious dick into me >can literally feel it swishing around in me >I hold onto him as he starts pumping >I can feel more changes coming >the scales start spreading all over me >it feels cold but relaxing >notice my grip is faltering >take a quick glance, only to find my hands were shortening >my fingers are literally regressing into my hand >I should be panicking but the whole experience is sensual >even my legs are getting succed back into me >"K-keep g-go- TICCCCC" >The final change comes with the final thrust >can literally feel nothing human about me anymore >Milotic cum rushes into me, filling me womb >gonna be pregnant for sure >actually don't mind it >new motherly instinct in me WANTS to lay eggs >Milotic gets off me, leaving me laying in my torn clothes >they don't fit me anymore >I can't say a word, the only sounds coming out of my voice are Milotic cries >I coil around my new lover, my Milotic >Watch the sunset, the end of another day and the end of my human body