1. Name at least three of the most important duties of a Law Enforcement Officer. ANSWER: 1: The first priority of LAW enforcement officer to protect the state and it's citizen in every critical situation without holding any fear in his mind. 2: To create a atmosphere in which there is LAW equal for everyone either he/she is a officer or normal citizen. 3: Always stay honest to his department and colleagues. Never abuse his rank or power on anyone. Always prefer his partner life important then his/her life. 2. What is a lethal force and under what conditions it is used? ANSWER: There are level of lethal force but in short the person who is assisting or not complying with the order's of LAW enforcement officer lethal force is used. Lethal force. Rubber bullets, x26 taser etc. 3. What does PSC stand for and why is it important for officers to be aware of it? ANSWER: Which I know PSC stands for Person in significant control. It is important for an LAW enforcement officer to hold the grip on situation. 4. What is an HSV? Provide three examples of it. ANSWER: High speeding vehicle e.g: Cheetah, Bullet, NRG-500, Infernus. 5. What governmental agencies do we co-operate with? ANSWER: SWAT, FBI , SAFD, HRT. SASD 6. Provide the information that you know about the usage of the San Andreas Police officers' radio. ANSWER: The radio the most and important electronic device which plays an important role to save anyone life from any mass situation. The radio is the device which is used by LAW enforcement to keep the dispatch updated about his position, location and traffic (people, mobile units etc). For example If the LAW enforcement life is in danger and also he/she knows that if he uses firearm he/she won't survive so the respected officer update to dispatch for units which help him/her out. Radio is connected to all department so where SWAT, HRT, SASD, FBI, SASD, SAFD needed with help of it we can roll unit on location to sort out the situation. 7. Why is it important for us to maintain a good Public Opinion? ANSWER: A good public in PD is essential because if a single officer will do any kind of abuse it would have a deep effect on department reputation. Every where there are bad ideas so if a officer took bribes do corruption or doesnot following the criteria provided by department will show negative effect on others due to which mis-understanding caused in normal public mind. They don't trust as they have to do. 8. Situation: you see two men fighting in a street, choose the correct first action: a) Open fire; b) Issue a verbal warning; b) Use non-lethal force; ANSWER: Well according to me it depends on situation what kind of fight (if they are punching I will issue warning). If there is gun fight I will use non-lethal force. 9. When is the right time for you to use /panic? ANSWER: When the suspect or any person will try to kidnap me, use firearm, give me life threat. I will prefer to press the /panic button. 10. Name three illegal possessions. ANSWER: Drugs. ANSWER: Marked Money or Cash. ANSWER: Heavy weapons cases e.g:M4, RPG, Gernade, AK47 BONUS QUESTION: When can you shoot an evading vehicle whilst on foot? ANSWER: When the suspect drive-by me or if he/she is using HSV.